The Monkey King 2023 Ending Explained [Battle of Good vs. Evil]

As a movie enthusiast, I was thrilled to watch the 2023 release of ‘The Monkey King’, an action-packed family comedy.

This film brings to life a charismatic Monkey and his magical fighting Stick on an epic quest for victory over 100 demons.

Background and overview of the movie

The movie is based on the tales of the Mandarin Chinese character known as Sun Wukong or the Monkey King.

These stories have been told for generations and adapted into manga, TV series, and films many times.

In this latest adaptation, the Monkey King strives to become an immortal by defeating 100 demons with his magical staff.

Along his journey, he partners with a girl named Lin, a creation unique to this version of the tale.

The film ends with the Monkey King sulking in a cave when Lin comes to meet him one last time and gives him back his stick.

Despite being an animated adventure, ‘The Monkey King’ offers more than just entertainment.

It imparts lessons about power, peace, acceptance, and belief.

It’s a film that not only entertains but also prompts interesting conversations.

The Journey of the Monkey King

the monkey king scene

The 2023 Netflix animated movie, “The Monkey King,” is a captivating tale that takes viewers on a roller-coaster ride of emotions and excitement.

The story revolves around a red-furred monkey born from a rock, who embarks on an epic journey to gain acceptance and love.

Summary of the main plot and storyline

The Monkey King, despite his unique origin, yearns to fit in with his monkey brethren.

His quest for acceptance leads him to steal a magical stick from the Dragon King, which he uses to defeat a terrorizing demon.

However, his victory does not yield the desired result – acceptance from his peers. Instead, he sets out on a quest to join the Immortal Ones.

His journey is marked by various trials and tribulations, including a trip to hell, where he fights Yama to remove his death from his scroll, granting him half immortality.

He also ventures into an enchanted peach orchard in search of a magical peach that will make him fully immortal.

Despite his adventures and newfound immortality, the Monkey King’s journey ends with him trapped within a mountain of rocks by Buddha.

This poignant ending leaves viewers with a sense of melancholy and anticipation for what comes next in the Monkey King’s saga.

The Characters in The Monkey King 2023

In the captivating world of “The Monkey King 2023”, a variety of characters come to life, each playing a crucial role in the unfolding narrative.

This Netflix animated movie, inspired by the legendary Chinese tale, introduces viewers to a charismatic red-furred monkey born from a rock and his magical fighting Stick.

Introduction to the key characters and their roles in the movie

The Monkey King: Voiced by Jimmy O. Yang, the Monkey King is the protagonist who embarks on an epic quest to overcome 100 demons and confront an eccentric Dragon King.

Lin: A young village girl who becomes Monkey’s unlikely partner.

She helps Monkey confront his ego and learn valuable life lessons about humility, friendship, and the impact of one’s actions.

Dragon King: An eccentric character voiced by Bowen Yang, he is one of the adversaries that Monkey has to confront in his journey.

Jade Emperor: Voiced by Hoon Lee, he is a significant figure in this animated adventure.

His role adds depth and complexity to the narrative.

These characters’ interactions weave together a compelling storyline that explores themes such as ego, self-discovery, and the ripple effects of even the smallest actions.

The Climax: Battle of Good vs. Evil

the monkey king charactors

In the 2023 film “The Monkey King,” the climax unfolds as a classic battle between good and evil.

The Monkey King, an immortal being born from a rock, goes head-to-head with the Dragon King, who is drunk on power and bent on world destruction.

Explanation of the final battle and its significance

The Monkey King’s final battle is not merely about retrieving his stolen stick. It’s a struggle for acceptance and a fight against oppression.

He stands up against the Dragon King, representing those who have been trampled upon or rejected.

The Monkey King’s victory signifies the triumph of resilience and individuality over tyranny.

Lin’s role in this battle is crucial as well.

Despite her initial betrayal, she comes to aid the Monkey King, demonstrating that change is possible and that alliances can be formed even in the most unlikely circumstances.

Overall, the ending of “The Monkey King” serves as a reminder that no obstacle is too insurmountable when one fights for justice and acceptance.

The Resurrection of the Monkey King

In the 2023 Netflix animated movie, “The Monkey King”, the titular character embarks on a quest for acceptance and immortality.

Born from a rock, the red-furred monkey is an outsider among his kin.

His journey leads him to steal a magical stick from the Dragon King, defeat a demon terrorizing his fellow monkeys, and even visit Hell to erase his death from Yama’s scroll.

Understanding the resurrection scene and its implications

In a climactic battle, the Monkey King faces off against the power-drunk Dragon King.

The Monkey King’s assistant, Lin, deceives the Dragon King by suggesting that electricity could kill Monkey.

This tactic backfires as electricity only strengthens Monkey. He retrieves his stolen stick and emerges victorious.

This resurrection scene signifies the Monkey King’s transformation into an immortal being.

Despite facing betrayal and numerous challenges, his determination and resilience lead him to achieve his ultimate goal – immortality.

This triumphant moment marks his acceptance among the Immortal Ones and concludes his arduous journey on a high note.

The Monkey King’s Ultimate Power

the monkey king scene (2)

The Monkey King, also known as Sun Wukong, is a character that has fascinated audiences with his incredible abilities.

Born from a magic stone, Sun Wukong’s supernatural powers are a result of his unique birth and rigorous practices.

Exploring the extent of the Monkey King’s abilities and powers

Strength and Speed: Sun Wukong’s physical prowess is extraordinary.

He can support the weight of two heaven mountains on his shoulders and travels 108,000 li (54,000 km or 34,000 mi) in one somersault, demonstrating his immense strength and speed.

Transformation: One of the most intriguing aspects of Sun Wukong’s powers is his ability to transform into 72 different animals and objects.

This ability adds to his unpredictability and versatility in various situations.

Magic Hair: His hair possesses magical properties that can create copies of himself or transform into weapons, animals, and other objects.

This power enhances his combat skills and provides strategic advantages.

Memory: Sun Wukong has vast memorization skills, enabling him to remember every monkey ever born.

As king of the monkeys, he uses this ability to protect them.

In conclusion, Sun Wukong’s powers are not only diverse but also extremely potent, making him one of the most formidable characters in Chinese literature.

The Sacrifice for Redemption

the monkey king

In the 2023 Netflix animated movie, “The Monkey King”, the protagonist embarks on a journey that is filled with trials and tribulations.

His quest for immortality leads him to make a series of choices that ultimately shape his destiny.

Analysis of the sacrifice made by a character for redemption

The Monkey King’s journey takes an unexpected turn when he is tricked into jumping off Buddha’s palm.

This humbling experience leads to a realization that he is not the universe’s most powerful being.

The film’s conclusion sees Monkey trapped inside a rock, instructed by Buddha to meditate and reflect on himself, essentially a sacrifice for his redemption.

This act of self-sacrifice signifies the Monkey King’s transition from an arrogant and power-hungry creature to a humbled being who has gained wisdom through introspection.

His journey ends with him emerging from the rock after 500 years, ready to use his powers for good and embark on a new adventure, symbolizing his successful redemption.

Interpretation of the Ending

the monkey king scene (3)

In the 2023 Netflix animated film, “The Monkey King,” viewers are introduced to a red-furred monkey born from a rock.

This unique creature embarks on a journey to become an immortal being, which is not only intriguing but also filled with symbolic meanings.

Discussion on the symbolic meaning and interpretation of the ending

The ending of “The Monkey King” is open to interpretation, but it’s clear that it carries a profound message.

The monkey’s quest for immortality is symbolic of the human desire for eternal life and recognition.

Despite his unique origin and abilities, he yearns for acceptance and love, mirroring the universal human experience.

His journey is filled with trials and tribulations, each representing different aspects of life.

The betrayal by Lin, his struggle with the Dragon King, and his ultimate triumph all symbolize the challenges one faces in their journey towards self-actualization.


As someone who has just finished watching the 2023 Netflix animated movie, “The Monkey King”, I can’t help but share my thoughts and reflections on its ending.

Overall thoughts and reflections on The Monkey King 2023 ending

The ending of “The Monkey King” left a deep impression on me.

The red-furred monkey’s journey, born from a rock and seeking acceptance, is a compelling narrative that resonates deeply.

His refusal to succumb to circumstances, his audacity to do as he pleases, and his relentless pursuit of love and acceptance are all too human.

The final scenes were particularly impactful. Despite achieving immortality, the Monkey King’s decision to abandon his fight with the immortals to save Lin’s life was a poignant moment.

It showed that even in his immortal state, he values relationships over power or dominance.

The ending beautifully encapsulates the essence of the story – it’s not about defeating everyone but about finding acceptance and love.

This movie is indeed a human story at its core, brilliantly wrapped in folklore-ish charm.


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