Why Raja Natwarlal Movie is a Must Watch

Introduction to Raja Natwarlal Moving picture

Overview of the 2014 Indian Hindi-language crime thriller film

Released in 2014, “Raja Natwarlal” is an Indian Hindi-language crime thriller film that draws viewers into the intriguing world of deception and revenge. The Picture revolves around a small-time con man who enlists the help of his mentor to settle scores with a notorious gangster. Known for its clever plot twists and engaging storyline, “Raja Natwarlal” delivers a gripping cinematic experience that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

Director and producer information

The film was directed by Kunal Deshmukh, an acclaimed filmmaker in the Indian Picture industry. Produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur under the banner of UTV Motion Pictures, “Raja Natwarlal” showcases a blend of skilled direction and high production values. Kapur’s production studio, known for producing quality content, ensures the film’s strong narrative and visual appeal. Both Deshmukh and Kapur’s contributions have been pivotal in bringing this engaging crime thriller to life. For those interested in exploring more exciting entertainment, check out https://khelraja-india.com/ a popular betting site.

Plot Summary of Raja Natwarlal

Small-time con man seeking help from mentor

The story centers on Raja, a small-time con man portrayed by Emraan Hashmi, who is determined to take revenge on a powerful gangster named Vardha Yadav, played by Kay Kay Menon. After a con job goes awry, resulting in the death of his partner, Raja seeks assistance from his retired mentor, Yogi, enacted by Paresh Rawal. With Yogi’s expertise and strategic guidance, Raja aims to outsmart Vardha and settle the scores.

Intention of settling scores with a gangster

Their plan involves a series of cunning cons, elaborate deceptions, and strategic plotting. Despite the film’s promising start, the romantic track between Raja and his love interest, Ziya (Humaima Malik), comes across as bland and unmemorable. The film intermittently breaks into song whenever the couple meets, which detracts from the main storyline. However, the Film redeems itself in the second half with well-crafted plot twists and a high-stakes climax that keeps the viewers engaged till the end.

Cast and Characters in Raja Natwarlal

Main actors and their roles

Emraan Hashmi: Emraan portrays the protagonist, Raja, a small-time con man with a heart set on revenge. His character drives the main plot, showcasing a mix of cleverness and vulnerability.

Humaima Malik: Humaima plays Ziya, Raja’s love interest. While her character’s arc is somewhat underdeveloped, she brings a charming presence to the romantic segments of the film.

Paresh Rawal: Paresh steps into the role of Yogi, Raja’s retired mentor. As a seasoned con artist, Yogi’s expertise and mentorship are pivotal in Raja’s quest for vengeance.

Kay Kay Menon: Kay Kay takes on the role of Vardha Yadav, the powerful gangster and antagonist. His portrayal of Vardha is both menacing and compelling, adding depth to the villain’s character.

Supporting cast members

Deepak Tijori: Deepak portrays Raghav, an important ally to Raja in his con missions. His character adds layers to the main plot, providing support and strategic inputs.

Other notable mentions include several actors who play minor yet significant roles, contributing to the storyline’s intricate web of cons and deceptions.

Critical Reception and IMDb Rating

Review of the Moving Picture by Critics

The film “Raja Natwarlal” was released on 29 August 2014 and managed to garner positive reviews from critics. Directed by Kunal Deshmukh, this crime drama thrilled audiences with a refreshing twist on the classic con-man theme. Emraan Hashmi’s portrayal of the protagonist, Raja, was met with praise for his engaging performance and dynamic screen presence. Critics appreciated the storyline’s pace and the chemistry between the leads. Paresh Rawal’s role as Yogi also received commendations for adding depth and wisdom to the plot, while Kay Kay Menon’s depiction of the antagonist, Vardha Yadav, was highlighted for its intensity and complexity.

IMDb Rating and User Reviews

On IMDb, “Raja Natwarlal” holds a respectable rating, reflecting audience appreciation. User reviews are prominently positive, with many commending the film’s engaging story, well-executed cons, and solid performances by the cast. The Moving picture’s blend of action, drama, and romance resonated well with viewers, making it a notable entry in the 2014 Bollywood lineup. While some users noted minor plot inconsistencies, the overall response was favorable, making “Raja Natwarlal” a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Production and Release Details

Information on the production company

The film “Raja Natwarlal” was produced by UTV Motion Pictures, a prominent production company in the Indian film industry known for delivering high-quality and diverse cinematic experiences. The production was guided by the expertise of producer Siddharth Roy Kapur, who has an established reputation for his keen eye for engaging stories and remarkable productions. Directed by Kunal Deshmukh, the Moving picture features a screenplay by Parveez Shaikh and dialogues by Sanjay Masoomm.

Release date and distribution

“Raja Natwarlal” was released worldwide on 29 August 2014. The film’s distribution was managed by UTV Motion Pictures, ensuring a broad reach across various markets. It had a simultaneous release in multiple languages, including Hindi and English, allowing it to cater to a diverse audience. The film enjoyed a release in India as well as internationally, including regions like Russia and the United Kingdom, further establishing its global appeal and accessibility.

Box Office Performance

Worldwide earnings of the film

The film “Raja Natwarlal” garnered mixed reactions in terms of box office performance. Within India, its earnings were quite modest, starting with Rs 6.10 crores on its first Friday, which is relatively lower compared to the opening figures of other Bollywood hits. Over its first weekend, the film managed to pull in approximately Rs 4 crores. By the end of its theatrical run, “Raja Natwarlal” amassed a total of 26.83 crores in the Indian market. Internationally, the earnings were also moderate, reflecting a lukewarm response from audiences worldwide.

Comparison with other Bollywood movies

When put side by side with other Bollywood films of the same period, “Raja Natwarlal” underperformed. Despite featuring Emraan Hashmi, a star with considerable box office appeal, the film’s opening day collection of Rs 6.10 crores was deemed lackluster. Often, Bollywood films featuring big names and heavy promotions tend to generate higher first-day collections. In contrast, other films released during that time typically showcased stronger first-weekend performances and overall higher earnings.

Soundtrack and Music

Details about the music composers

The soundtrack for “Raja Natwarlal” was composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, a prolific music composer known for his work in the Indian film industry. Released in 2014, the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack showcases his unique style and contributions to Bollywood music. The album consists of six songs, carefully crafted to resonate with the theme and tone of the film. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s ability to infuse a blend of modern and traditional elements into his music has made the soundtrack a notable aspect of the Film.

Popular songs from the Moving picture

The “Raja Natwarlal” soundtrack features several songs that have gained popularity among listeners. Tracks like “Dukki Tikki” and “Tere Ho Ke Rahenge” stand out for their catchy melodies and engaging lyrics. These songs highlight Raja’s versatility in music composition and have been well-received by both critics and audiences. With a total duration of 25 minutes, the album provides a compact yet impactful musical experience that complements the film’s narrative.

Legacy and Cultural Impact

Influence on Indian Cinema

“Raja Natwarlal,” directed by Kunal Deshmukh and produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur, garnered significant attention upon its release in 2014. By incorporating a blend of traditional and modern elements, it brought a refreshing take to the crime thriller genre within Bollywood. The film’s storyline, which revolves around cons and deception, along with its gripping cinematography, set a new precedent for narrative complexity in Indian cinema. It also illustrated Kunal Deshmukh’s unique directing style, which, combined with the evocative music by Yuvan Shankar Raja, created a holistic cinematic experience that has influenced subsequent Hindi films in the genre.

Awards and Recognition Received

Though “Raja Natwarlal” did not sweep the award season, it was acknowledged for its distinct achievements in various domains such as music, direction, and cinematography. The soundtrack, praised for its emotive and catchy tunes, received acclaim from both critics and audiences. This appreciation is a testament to Yuvan Shankar Raja’s prowess as a composer. Furthermore, the film’s narrative style and visual storytelling techniques have cemented its place as a noteworthy contribution to Indian cinema, ensuring that its impact remains discussed in industry circles and among film enthusiasts.


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