Will There Be a Season 2 of the Calling [Potential Plot]

The thrilling mystery woven in the TV series ‘The Calling’ has left viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting news of a second season. The series, based on D.A. Mishani’s novels, has managed to spin an engaging narrative that combines crime investigation, compelling character relationships, and a deep exploration of faith and morality.

The popularity of The Calling TV series

Following the investigative journey of Detective Avraham Avraham and his partner, Janine Harris, the series has thrived on their unrelenting determination to crack the mysteries that lay ahead. Their quest has been well received by audiences worldwide, reflecting in its commendable 7.1/10 rating on IMDb and an 83% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Audience anticipation for a second season

Despite the lack of official confirmation for a second season, there’s considerable hope amongst fans. Encouragement comes from several factors such as:

  • Based on a series of novels: There are four published books featuring Detective Avraham’s investigations. This vast source material offers room for more compelling narratives.
  • Positive reviews: Both critics and the audience have praised the plot, characters, and performances, enhancing the prospect of a second season.
  • Talented Cast and Crew: With David E. Kelley’s renowned expertise at the helm, the series boasts a talented cast that breathes life into Mishani’s characters.

The anticipation for a second season grows, fueled by the cliffhanger ending of the first season. The unexpected revelations in the storyline have left viewers yearning for more of Avraham and Janine’s gripping journey. Until there’s an official pronouncement, fans wait with bated breath for the return of this exciting series.

II. Current Status of The Calling

If you found yourself hooked on Peacock’s crime drama, The Calling, and are anxiously wondering about its future, this section will address your curiosity.

Confirmation or lack thereof of a second season

As of writing, there has been no official word on the renewal or cancellation of a second season for The Calling. The series’ narrative, centered on an Orthodox Jew, has notably differentiated it from other cop dramas, as it explores the unique perspective of a main character that balances his faith and professional duty towards truth. Such a unique blend of crime, mystery, and faith makes it all the more compelling to know its future status.

However, the original ordering back in October 2020 of this series as an adaptation of the first two novels of a four-book series hints at a possible continuation. The decision likely rests on the show’s audience reception, which presents a more hopeful picture.

Official statements and announcements

Though no official announcements concerning the second season have been made, the series’ executive producer David E. Kelley had once hinted about possible future plans. He indicated how the layers of character development would keep him, and hopefully audiences, excited beyond the first season. This statement could be seen as a subtle hint of their intention to produce a second installment.

Fans can only hope that Peacock decides to renew this breath of fresh air to the police procedural drama, inspired by the successful series of crime novels around a unique character and his compassionate approach in solving crimes.

Stay tuned to this blog to get the latest news and updates about season 2 of The Calling and more of your favorite TV shows.

III. Reasons for Renewal

Several factors suggest that the Peacock original series, The Calling might be in for a season 2.

The success and critical acclaim of the first season

The first season of The Calling: garnered considerable attention after its release, with its compelling narrative and impressive performances from the cast, notably Jeff Wilbusch as Avi. Its mysterious plot surrounding the disappearance of teenager Vincent Conte engaged viewers till the end, leaving them on edge, eagerly waiting for more. More importantly, the gripping twist at the end of the season has further spiked the show’s renewal chances, keeping the audience curious about what might happen next.

Positive reviews from viewers

Viewers’ response: The series has successfully sparked conversations among viewers, particularly about its compelling narrative, thought-provoking subjects and excellent performances. Positive viewer feedback will be a significant factor that Peacock will consider while deciding to renew The Calling for a second season.

Availability of source material

Source material: The series is based on D.A. Mishani’s novels about Detective Avraham Avraham. Therefore, the availability of source material is not an issue and provides ample scope for the show to continue for multiple seasons.

However, as of now, it is still uncertain when we can expect the next season. Peacock is yet to make a formal announcement and is most likely considering viewers’ responses to the first season along with other factors. So, fans of The Calling will have to wait a little longer for the official announcement.

Stay tuned for the next section where we discuss the potential plot, cast, and release date if the series is indeed greenlit for season 2.

IV. Potential Plot for Season 2

As the fate of “The Calling” hangs in the balance with no official confirmation from Peacock regarding its renewal, the guessing game begins. What could be in store for Avi, our uniquely compassionate hero, in the potential second season?

Speculations and Theories about the Storyline

Since the show is based on the Avi Avraham book series by Chaim Cigan, one could speculate that the future plot could be inspired by the yet-to-be-adapted books. This provides room for multiple exciting scenarios and spine-chilling mysteries that Avi could investigate, each layered with a profound sense of morality, cultural significance, and deep human emotions.

Following the pattern of crime dramas, a new set of crimes interwoven with Avi’s personal and professional life could set the stage for season 2. His faith, the cornerstone of his character, might be tested in newer ways, adding interesting dimensions to his character.

Continuation of Character Arcs and Unresolved Plotlines

The Calling has a rich ensemble of characters, each with their nuances, promises more potential stories. Will there be further exploration of the supportive cast, potentially spotlighting their backgrounds and their relationships with Avi?

Unresolved plot threads from season 1 could become the focus in the next season. Intriguingly, the first season ended on a cliffhanger, which indicates possible storyline continuations that could captivate fans in the subsequent season.

As we wait eagerly for official news about season 2, the speculations, hopes, and theories only make the wait more exhilarating. If the critical and audience reception is any indication, the show has earned a place in the hearts of viewers as a unique breath of fresh air in the crime drama landscape. And with such response, it wouldn’t be surprising if The Calling went to call its faithful viewers for another season of high-quality, engaging content.

V. Cast and Crew

When discussing the possibility of a new season of a popular series, it’s crucial to consider the cast and crew’s potential return, adding to the show’s continuity.

Talented actors and their possible return

Based on the recent buzz, promising actor Thieriot is all set to make a comeback as Bode, while the charismatic duo Kevin Alejandro and Stephanie Arcila are expected to reprise their roles as Manny Perez and Gabriella Perez, respectively. Their return will surely add zest to the storyline, given their strong performances in the first season.

Involvement of the show’s creator and producers

As important as it is for the cast to return, the involvement of the show’s creator and producers is equally vital in ensuring the quality of the new season. Daniel Knauf, the brain behind “The Calling”, has impressively worn multiple hats, serving as both the creator and an executive producer. His exceptional work in the previous season raises fans’ expectations for the forthcoming one.

In conclusion, while we eagerly wait for the official confirmation, these hints and speculations surely fuel the anticipation for the second season of “The Calling”. Stay tuned for more updates! 

VI. Reception and Ratings

With a mixed reception for its inaugural season, “The Calling” has indeed managed to secure a dedicated fan base excited about a potential second season. While some of the reviews are polarizing, the overall sentiment among viewers is positive, added to the intrigue and suspense built into the storyline.

Review of Audience Feedback and Ratings

Viewers have compared “The Calling” favorably to other police procedural and detective shows, stating that it maintains their interest better with its unique lead character and narrative style. Despite critics pointing out the lack of character development for some supporting characters, audiences have appreciated the representation of an Orthodox Jew as the main character, bringing a fresh perspective to the genre.

Viewers have rated the series positively on IMDb, with fans stating their satisfaction with its storyline, character development, and plot twists. Some viewers have even gone ahead to liken its brilliance to that of popular crime drama series like “Mindhunters” and “True Detective”.

Popularity and Demand for a Second Season

Despite the show being recently released, it has already garnered a substantial following with fans expressing their anticipation for a second season on social media platforms. Cliffhanger endings and unresolved storylines have left the audience craving more of “The Calling”. The authentic portrayal of Detective Avraham and the applaudable performance by the lead actor Jeff Willbusch have been highly praised, contributing to the show’s popularity.

Even though the series hasn’t been officially renewed yet, the reception and growing demand from its audience promise that a second season would indeed be well received. It’s not a far-fetched idea considering the books series the show is based on has more material to offer, hinting at the potential for several more engaging seasons.

Stay tuned, and let’s hope to hear good news soon about the renewal of “The Calling”. We’ll continue to keep our readers updated as more information becomes available.


  • “The Calling” has received mixed to positive reviews from the audience.
  • The show’s unique narrative and character construction have been highly appreciated.
  • There’s a high demand and anticipation for a second season among the show’s followers.
  • No official word on season 2 yet, but signs point towards a potential renewal due to the show’s popularity and the book series it is based on.

VII. Possible Release Date

The Renewal status of “The Calling” is causing a lot of buzz recently. Although the details about the show’s renewal aren’t clear, fans are excited to know when they can expect the second season to premiere.

Factors Influencing the Timing of the Second Season

Production and Release Delays: Just like any other TV series, “The Calling” is subject to various factors that can delay its production and release. As observed from ReleaseDate.Me updates, strikes or other production issues are a common occurrence and can push the premiere back.

Critical Reception and Audience Reviews: According to reports from Ready Steady Cut, the reception of “The Calling” has been mixed from critics, but overall positive among audiences. This viewer approval is an important consideration for the network when deciding to renew the show for a second season.

Speculation on When the New Season Might Premiere

While it’s yet to be confirmed by the Peacock Network, speculation about The Washington Dispatch suggests that if “The Calling” does get a green light for season 2, we might expect it to premiere around November 9, 2023, based on the previous season’s schedule pattern.

It is crucial to note, though, that this is just a speculation and the actual premiere date can vary based on several influencing factors. As fan anticipation builds, we advise you to stay tuned for the official announcement from the Peacock Network.

VIII. Conclusion

There’s a lot of speculation and excitement surrounding the possibility of a second season of The Calling. Based on the show’s reception and the content provided in D.A. Mishani’s novels, there is certainly enough material and interest to continue the series.

Summary of the current information and speculation

At present, there hasn’t been any official announcement from Peacock regarding the renewal of a new season. However, given the show’s 7.1/10 rating on IMDb and an 83% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the likelihood of renewal seems promising.

Here are some key points to note:

  • The Calling is based on D.A. Mishani’s novels that offer more source material for potential future seasons.
  • Within 10 days of its airing, the show managed to capture a significant viewer response.
  • At the end of the first season, a cliffhanger suggested another case for Detective Avraham and his partner Janine Harris to solve regarding an unexpected victim.

Closing thoughts on the possibility of a season 2

A second season of The Calling would undoubtedly be welcomed by fans and newcomers alike. With the potential for new engaging storylines based on D. Mishani’s succeeding books and a foundation of complex characters to explore further, there’s a compelling case to be made for The Calling’s return.

However, as we eagerly await the decision, speculation is but all we can do right now. Season renewals often hinge on various factors, including viewership numbers, critical reception, and production constraints. Moreover, the uncertainty brought upon by the global pandemic has further complicated matters.

While we hold our breath for the official announcement, one thing is sure — The Calling has gripped viewers with its intriguing narrative and impressive character arcs, leaving many of us excited for what lies ahead.

To stay updated on the latest news about The Calling, your best bet would be to keep an eye on the show’s official Peacock page. Let’s hope we will be seeing Detective Avraham in action again soon, solving yet another harrowing case.


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