Nun 2 Ending Explained [The Triangle Icon & Its Significance]

The highly anticipated sequel, The Nun 2, directed by horror maestro Michael Chaves, made its chilling appearance in 2023. In this film, the story draws from previously unexplored lore, weaving a dark and atmospheric tale that kept audiences around the world on the edge of their seats. The hair-raising climax leaves viewers with more questions than answers, but let’s attempt to shed some light on the enigmatic ending.

The Possession of Frenchie: At the end of The Nun, it is revealed that Frenchie, Sister Irene’s ally, was possessed by the demon Valak. This connection is significant because Frenchie is the same person that Ed and Lorraine Warren tried to exorcise in The Conjuring. This reveals a direct link between The Nun and The Conjuring movies.

The Timeline Puzzle: The Nun 2’s place in The Conjuring Universe timeline can be a bit confusing. However, the director, Michael Chaves, sheds some light on this matter. He explains that The Nun 2 is set before the events of The Conjuring, offering some backstory to the Warrens’ encounter with Frenchie.

The End-Credits Scene: In the end-credits scene of The Nun 2, we see Ed and Lorraine Warren in their home receiving a phone call. The phone call is urgent and implies that something is wrong. This scene establishes a connection not only to The Conjuring but also to the upcoming movie, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.

Director’s Vision: Michael Chaves, who directed both The Nun 2 and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, hints at a larger plan for the franchise. He mentions an alternate ending where Ed and Lorraine were interrupted by a call from Father Gordon. This suggests that there may be more to explore in future movies.

Factual background of The Nun 2 movie ending

Unlike its predecessor, The Nun 2 delves deeper into the history and lore of the demonic nun, compelling viewers with its rich narrative and claustrophobic atmosphere.

In the finale, a macabre twist transpires. The evil nun, Valak, shows its sinister intentions in an intricately plotted possession scene, latching onto another unwitting soul, entwining their fates.

The new host, revealed as a highly respected clergyman, is a seemingly unlikely choice by the demonic Valak, adding a layer of intrigue to the story. The surprising unmasking of the host in the concluding scenes adds a complex edge to the movie’s narrative, suggesting a deeper, foreboding implication for the Conjuring universe moving forward.

As Valak, in its new host, proceeds with its malevolent deeds, the movie draws to a suspense-filled end, leaving its audience yearning for more answers and setting up a promising premise for a potential continuation.

While it may not answer all the anticipated questions, the ending of The Nun 2 certainly delivers once again a memorable cinematic experience, successfully enriching the lore that has entranced audiences in the haunted halls of horror.

The Nun 2 Ending Explained

For those who found themselves gasping at the thrilling conclusion of The Nun 2, you are not alone. The movie, which is set in the Conjuring Universe, twisted, turned, and haunted its way to a unique and chilling end.

The triangle icon and its significance

Throughout The Nun 2, viewers might have noticed the mysterious recurring triangle symbol. Our protagonist, Sister Irene, finds this icon during her heart-clenching investigation, ultimately leading to the revelation that it is a sign of the demon’s presence.

Sister Irene’s peaceful life in a countryside convent

The movie reveals Sister Irene living a peaceful, uneventful life in a countryside convent, a stark contrast to her previous encounter with the marauding demon. But as the haunting melody of the demon’s call shatters the evening silence, we realize this peace is merely the calm before a storm.

The demon nun’s final challenge

The demon nun rises, breaking the tranquility of the countryside with unimaginable terror. In a hair-raising face-off, Sister Irene takes on the demon’s final challenge, a battle of faith versus fear.

A wild finale that breaks the timeline

Adding to the thrill, the movie takes an unexpected leap, breaking its own timeline. The film concludes with the demon nun reemerging years later, in 2023, onto the chaotic cityscapes. A cliffhanger ending leaves everyone breathless with speculation about what’s next in the Conjuring Universe. Amid all the chaos, Sister Irene emerges, resilient as ever, ready to face the next chapter in her dangerous quest against the demon nun.

The Possession of Maurice

When navigating the labyrinthine plot of the engrossing Nun 2 movie of 2023, the end provided a masterful twist that left audiences agog. From a careful analysis, it is apparent that Maurice, the unassuming character, bore Valak’s secret possession throughout the film.

Valak’s secret possession of Maurice

Unveiled in the movie’s final act, Maurice’s possession was far from evident throughout the narrative. His calm demeanor and normal interactions skillfully disguised the malevolent Valak spirit lurking within. How it happened, was subtle – Maurice, who often frequented the unholy grounds unwittingly garners the attention and eventual infestation of this demon. The possession did not only bring with it a shocking revelation, but also carried dire implications for Irene and Debra.

Implications for Irene and Debra

The revelation of Maurice’s possession was a bitter blow for Irene and Debra. Their close affinity to Maurice made them privy to Valak’s evil machinations. They found themselves directly under the spotlight of Valak’s heinous plans and were unwittingly pulled into the spiritual warfare. This unexpected twist intertwined their fates with the demonic entity. It meant extra vigilance, added danger, and drastic adjustments on their part.

In sum, this chilling conclusion in Nun 2 overturned audience expectations, compellingly blending suspense and mystery. The plot twist of Maurice’s possession by Valak and the subsequent implications for the characters of Irene and Debra showcased not just gripping storytelling, but a keen understanding of suspense and the elements of surprise. It surely has set a thrilling stage for the inevitable sequel.

The Potential for a Third Nun Movie

As a devout follower of The Nun sequel, one can’t help but ponder over the potential and immense possibilities a third Nun movie could offer. Enthusiasts and diehard fans have been diving deep into clues within the existing series, dissecting every eerie frame, and exchanging theories over countless discussion boards. Little do they know what the filmmakers hold in their creative reservoir for the next revelation.

Leaving room for a third movie to tie everything up

Fan theories and speculations are aplenty regarding what the third Nun movie could bring. The second installment left viewers on a cliffhanger, with many unresolved mysteries and questions which provides an ample blank canvas for the creators to take the plot in any direction. Considerable room has been left for potential character developments, plot intricacies, and tying up all the loose ends that have kept the audience on their toes since the last frame of the second movie.

Exploring Maurice’s exorcism

One vital plot point that has piqued the interest of many fans is Maurice’s exorcism. This mystic event, shrouded in mystery, has provided a myriad of speculations about its exploration in the anticipated third Nun movie. The cryptic nature of the event leaves much to imagination – about Maurice’s past, the age-old rituals involved, and the potential consequences of this supernatural ordeal. This scenario presents an interesting premise for the next installment around which the narrative could revolve.

Popcorn, mysteries, and heated discussions are guaranteed as the audience eagerly anticipates the release and ending explanation of the third Nun movie in 2023.

Nostalgia for the 80s Era in Film

The 1980s is celebrated as an iconic time in pop culture. Its lasting impression on television and film cannot be disputed. Many films of this era exemplify the culture, style, and signature themes that are characteristic of the ’80s, all blending to create a nostalgic sense within viewers.

The continued use of nostalgia in TV and film

Capitalizing on this sense of nostalgia, filmmakers continue to implement this powerful tool in a bid to connect audiences to their work. The new Nun 2 movie 2023 affords audiences a trip down memory lane. From its storyline to its era-rich setting and even costume design, the film successfully recaptures the spirit of the ’80s, creating a nostalgic ambiance that resonates with audiences and leaves a lasting impression.

Sci-fi films that made the 80s special

Sci-fi films are no stranger to this trend. They have continuously banked on nostalgia as a powerful storytelling instrument. The 1980s gave birth to several sci-fi blockbusters that have since become cultural touchstones. Drawing from this genre’s legacy, Nun 2 borrows heavily from these rich archives, incorporating ’80s themes that recreate the era’s distinct cinematic flavor. This approach was reflected in the film’s ending, leaving a strong impression on viewers.

Through this smart convergence of ’80s elements with modern movie techniques, Nun 2 transports the audience back in time while thrilling them with new plot twists. All these factors combine to give Nun 2 its memorable ending and leave viewers buzzing with the nostalgic familiarity of the ’80s.

While it’s out of the ordinary for movies today to lean so heavily into nostalgia, especially for a different time, this not only diversifies the genre but also brings a fresh perspective to modern storytelling. The Nun 2 movie proved that nostalgia, when subtly woven into a film with diligence and creativity, could result in an unforgettable cinematic experience.


The suspenseful thriller, The Nun 2, made all the way to 2023, kept viewers on the edge of their seats until its much-anticipated end. With a clever fusion of horror elements and religious undertones, the film’s finale is a bit to chew.

The happy ending of The Nun 2 with lingering knowledge

The grand finale of The Nun 2 leaves the audience with a gratifying twist. As the end credits roll, the reprieve from the spine-chilling episodes is a refreshing surprise. It’s an abrupt switch from the consistent horror atmosphere, as the key characters find salvation and deliverance from the evil enclosing them. Their triumph over their persecutor is underscored by a sense of empowerment and liberation. Yet, the lingering knowledge of the evil’s existence beyond their encounter leaves room for thought and discussion among viewers.

Looking forward to future developments

With this potent conclusion to The Nun 2, hopes are high for more sequels. The climax of the film adeptly ties up loose ends while skillfully injecting elements of suspense that hint toward future developments. The residual eeriness from the film has sparked fervent discussions among the audience and fans who are eager for a continuation of the thrilling saga, as they enjoy the roller coaster of fear and suspense.


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