Mario Movie Ending Explained

In this article, we will provide a summary of the Mario movie and discuss the importance of understanding the ending.

Summary of the Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie follows the iconic video game characters, Mario and Luigi, as they journey through the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue Princess Peach from the villainous Bowser. Along the way, they encounter various challenges and battles, showcasing their bravery and teamwork.

In the final battle, Mario and Luigi tap into their inner strengths and defeat Bowser, saving Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom. The movie ends with Mario and Luigi permanently settling in the Mushroom Kingdom as heroes.

Importance of understanding the ending

Understanding the ending of The Super Mario Bros. Movie is crucial for fans who are invested in the franchise and eager to see what comes next. The post-credits scene teases the introduction of Yoshi, one of Mario’s loyal companions, hinting at potential sequels or spin-off movies.

By dissecting the ending, fans can speculate on future storylines, character developments, and potential new villains. It allows them to engage in discussions and theories about what might happen in upcoming installments of the Mario cinematic universe.

Additionally, understanding how the movie sets up sequels can enhance fans’ enjoyment and anticipation for future releases. It provides a sense of continuity and excitement that keeps fans engaged with the franchise beyond just one movie.

Mario’s journey and character development

In The Super Mario Bros. Movie, we witness Mario’s journey and character development as he navigates through various challenges and ultimately defeats Bowser. Throughout the film, Mario feels like a failure and believes that he is dragging his brother, Luigi, down. However, as the story progresses, Mario learns to overcome his insecurities and become a hero.

Mario’s feelings of failure and Luigi’s fears

At the start of the movie, Mario feels inadequate in the eyes of his father and fears letting his brother down. Meanwhile, Luigi is fearful of things going wrong. However, as they face their fears together and support each other, they realize that they are capable of achieving great things.

Overcoming obstacles and beliefs in oneself

The Super Star power-up plays a significant role in the film as it allows Mario and Luigi to become invincible and defeat Bowser. This moment symbolizes their journey of overcoming obstacles and believing in themselves. Mario doesn’t let setbacks deter him, even when he doesn’t feel supported by his father. The film ultimately conveys the message of overcoming one’s fears, never giving up, and having faith in oneself.

Overall, the ending of The Super Mario Bros. Movie showcases the growth and development of Mario and Luigi as characters. They learn to rely on each other’s strengths, overcome their fears, and embrace their full potential. It is a story of triumph, self-belief, and the enduring bond between two brothers.

Bowser’s plan and motivations

In the Super Mario Bros. movie, Bowser is portrayed as the main antagonist with a desire to conquer all the kingdoms and gain power and control. His plan revolves around obtaining the Super Star, a powerful artifact that would make him invincible. However, instead of simply taking the Super Star for himself, Bowser comes up with a cunning scheme.

Bowser’s desire for power and control

At the core of Bowser’s motivations is his desire for power and control over the various kingdoms. He sees himself as a conqueror and believes that ruling alongside Princess Peach would solidify his reign. Bowser wants to marry Princess Peach and create a marriage alliance where they would share the power of the Super Star and rule as king and queen.

Coercing Princess Peach into marriage alliance

To achieve his goal, Bowser coerces Princess Peach into agreeing to marry him. He threatens Princess Peach’s toads, which subverts expectations by not resorting to outright kidnapping. Bowser’s plan plays into his rivalry with Mario for Princess Peach’s attention. By forcing her into a marriage alliance, Bowser aims to keep Princess Peach away from Mario and maintain control over her and the kingdoms.

Overall, Bowser’s motivations in the Super Mario Bros. movie revolve around his desire for power and control. He uses manipulation and coercion to achieve his goals, setting up an engaging conflict between him, Mario, and the other characters in the film.

Mario and Luigi claiming the Super Star together

The ending of the Super Mario Bros. movie showcased the importance of Mario and Luigi’s bond as they claimed the Super Star together. This moment symbolized their unity and teamwork in overcoming obstacles. By obtaining the Super Star, they gained invincibility and were able to defeat Bowser and save the Mushroom Kingdom. It was a powerful moment that solidified their brotherly bond and highlighted their strength when they work together.

The importance of the brotherly bond

Throughout the movie, Mario and Luigi faced challenges and insecurities. Mario felt like a failure while Luigi was fearful. However, they supported each other and relied on their bond to overcome these hurdles. The Super Star moment emphasized that nothing bad can happen as long as they are together. It showcased the deep love and trust between the brothers that ultimately led to their success.

Strength in unity and reaching their potential

Claiming the Super Star together also highlighted the concept of strength in unity. Mario and Luigi realized that they were stronger when working as a team. It balanced their individual strengths and allowed them to reach their highest potential. The Super Star allowed them to lean on each other, bringing balance to their skills and enabling them to achieve greater things.

Mario and Luigi’s move to the Mushroom Kingdom

In the ending of the Mario movie, we see Mario and Luigi waking up in their new home in the Mushroom Kingdom. They have relocated from their beloved Brooklyn to this fantastical world. But why did they decide to make this move?

Reasons for relocating from Brooklyn

  1. Feeling more at home: Mario and Luigi likely moved to the Mushroom Kingdom because they feel more at home there than in the human world. They have already established strong connections with the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom, including Princess Peach and the toads. It is a place where they feel empowered and believed in, which gives them a sense of purpose and belonging.

  2. Establishing themselves: Mario and Luigi proved their abilities by saving Brooklyn and other kingdoms from Bowser’s threat. Moving to the Mushroom Kingdom allows them to firmly establish themselves as heroes. They are already well-known in this universe, which can be beneficial for their plumbing business.

Feeling empowered and building on existing relationships

Moving to the Mushroom Kingdom not only gives Mario and Luigi a personal connection to its inhabitants but also provides them with the opportunity to build on friendships that have already been established. It sets the stage for future adventures and helps them continue their journey of growth and overcoming challenges together.


Post-credits scene and sequel setup

The ending of the Mario movie certainly left fans with something to look forward to. The post-credits scene revealed a hatching egg, sparking excitement among viewers. This scene is a clear setup for a potential sequel to the film.

The significance of the hatching egg

The hatching egg in the post-credits scene holds great significance for fans of the Mario franchise. It is revealed to be a Yoshi egg, introducing the beloved character into the film’s universe. Yoshi, the adorable green and white dinosaur, is Mario’s trusted sidekick in the games and has a loyal fan following. The inclusion of Yoshi in the potential sequel opens up exciting possibilities for new adventures and challenges for Mario and Luigi.

Introduction of Yoshi and potential for a sequel

With Yoshi’s arrival, there are several potential storylines that could be explored in a sequel. Yoshi could run amok in the city streets, leading Mario and Luigi to return to the human world to find and bring him back to his home island. Alternatively, Yoshi could assist Mario and Luigi in facing new enemies and threats to the Mushroom Kingdom.

The post-credits scene sets the stage for further world-building and character development in the animated film series. It also establishes Yoshi as an essential character, adding depth to Mario and Luigi’s relationships while introducing new gameplay elements from the games into future movies.

Overall, the post-credits scene in the Mario movie piques viewers’ curiosity and sets up exciting possibilities for a sequel with the introduction of Yoshi. Fans can look forward to more adventures and thrilling encounters in future films in this beloved franchise.

The deeper meaning of the movie’s ending

The ending of the Super Mario Bros. movie holds a deeper meaning that resonates with audiences of all ages. It encapsulates important themes of overcoming fears, never giving up, and self-belief.

Overcoming fears, never giving up, and self-belief

Throughout the film, both Mario and Luigi face various obstacles and challenges. Mario feels like a failure and Luigi is fearful of things going wrong. However, they learn to push through these obstacles and focus on their strengths.

Mario, despite not feeling like he has the full support of his father, doesn’t let things deter him and continues to believe in himself. Luigi overcomes his fear and learns to be brave in the face of danger.

The Super Star moment in the movie represents the culmination of their individual journeys throughout the film. It symbolizes their growth and their ability to overcome their fears together as a team.

Message of empowerment and defying expectations

The ending of the film also reinforces a message of empowerment and defying expectations. Mario and Luigi prove that they are more capable than others may believe. They show that it’s not just about external factors like strength or abilities, but about the belief they have in themselves and each other.

By claiming the Super Star together and working as a unit, they demonstrate that nothing bad will happen as long as they are together. This further emphasizes the importance of unity and teamwork.

Overall, the movie’s ending reminds viewers of the power of self-belief, overcoming fears, defying expectations, and the strength found in unity. It serves as an empowering message for audiences to never give up on their dreams and to always believe in themselves.


The ending of the Super Mario Bros. Movie leaves audiences satisfied and excited for what’s to come. The film showcases the importance of teamwork and brotherhood, with Mario and Luigi working together to defeat Bowser and save Princess Peach. It also hints at future adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom and the introduction of beloved character Yoshi.

Appreciation for the Super Mario Bros. Movie

Fans of the Super Mario Bros. franchise can appreciate the film’s dedication to its characters and source material. The voice cast, led by Chris Pratt as Mario and Jack Black as Bowser, brings these iconic characters to life in a fun and entertaining way. The movie’s visuals and action sequences capture the spirit of the video games, creating a vibrant and immersive world.

Takeaways from the ending and anticipation for future installments

The Super Mario Bros. Movie sets up potential sequels by leaving open-ended questions and teasing future storylines. The post-credits scene with the hatching egg hints at the introduction of Yoshi, a beloved character from the games. This leaves fans eager to see what adventures await Mario, Luigi, and their friends in future films.

Overall, the Super Mario Bros. Movie delivers an entertaining and enjoyable cinematic experience for fans of all ages. With its successful box office performance, it’s likely that we’ll see more big-budget movies based on Nintendo’s beloved franchises in the future.

It’s an exciting time for fans of the Super Mario Bros. franchise, as they can look forward to more adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom on the big screen.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Common queries about the Super Mario Bros. Movie’s ending

What happens in the end of the Super Mario Bros. Movie?

The ending of the Super Mario Bros. Movie sees Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, and their respective kingdoms battling against Bowser to save the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Luigi claim the Super Star together, becoming invincible, and defeat Bowser. They successfully rescue Peach and their allies, and Bowser is imprisoned in a tiny cage. The movie ends with the Mario brothers going on another adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Why does Bowser want to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom?

Bowser wants to rule over all the kingdoms and become a powerful conqueror. He plans to propose a marriage alliance to Princess Peach, believing that they would share the power of the Super Star and rule over the various kingdoms together as king and queen.

Why do Mario and Luigi claim the Super Star together?

Mario and Luigi claim the Super Star together to showcase their unity and strength as brothers. It reinforces the idea that they are stronger when working as a team and that they can overcome any challenges they face. Claiming the Super Star together also symbolizes their growth and transformation throughout the movie.

Why do Mario and Luigi decide to move to the Mushroom Kingdom?

Mario and Luigi decide to move to the Mushroom Kingdom because they feel more at home there than in their previous location of Brooklyn. They have established friendships, received support from Princess Peach and the toads, and feel empowered in the Mushroom Kingdom. Additionally, their plumbing business is well-known in this universe, providing them with opportunities for success.

How does the post-credits scene set up a potential sequel?

The post-credits scene shows a cracked egg in Brooklyn’s underground pipe system, indicating the arrival of Yoshi from the Mario game franchise. This suggests that Yoshi will play a role in a potential sequel and could potentially become Mario’s sidekick. Yoshi’s arrival hints at the possibility of further adventures and storylines in future movies.


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