ARGYLLE Ending Explained!

“Making Sense of Kingsman: Matthew Vaughn’s Argylle Movie Breakdown and Ending Explained!”

If you’re a fan of spy movies, then you’re likely familiar with the works of Matthew Vaughn. The director has made a name for himself with his stylish and action-packed films, such as “Kick-Ass” and “Kingsman: The Secret Service.” But now, he’s taking it one step further with his upcoming movie, “Argylle.” Starring an all-star cast including Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Sam Rockwell, this movie is set to be a thrilling ride full of twists and turns. After watching the film, there’s no doubt that audiences will be left with many questions. So let’s dive in to make sense of the movie’s ending and post-credit scene!

The Plot of “Argylle”

“Argylle” follows Ellie Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard), a shy spy novelist who writes under the pen name Aubrey Argyle. She gets caught up in an adventure when she is attacked by assassins from a mysterious organization called The Division. Luckily, she is saved by another spy, Aiden (Sam Rockwell), who informs her that her novels are not just works of fiction but actually reflect real-life events.

As the movie progresses, we learn that Ellie’s real name is Rachel Kyle and she used to be a CIA agent who was captured and brainwashed by The Division 5 years prior. Her memory loss caused her to unknowingly include real-life events in her novels, making her a serious threat to The Division.

To retrieve a master key that could expose The Division’s existence, Aiden and Rachel travel to Arabia where they get captured by the organization’s leader, Ritter (Bryan Cranston). After some classic spy twists and turns, Rachel is able to send a message to the CIA with the key, but the movie ends with her returning to her life as a novelist.

The Twist: “Argylle” is Set in the Same Universe as “Kingsman”

If you stayed for the post-credit scene of “Argylle,” then you were in for a big surprise. The scene flashes back 20 years to a pub called The King’s Man, with the iconic Kingsman symbol hanging outside. We see a young man named LS Partridge approaching the bartender and ordering a “Cosmopolitan with a Twist.” When the bartender asks if it’s a club or a pub, Partridge responds with “hold the Vodka, hold the cintro, hold the cranberry juice, just a Twist.” This sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Partridge even introduces himself as Aubrey Argyle. The text on the screen reads “Argylle Book One – The Movie Coming Soon.”

This reveal immediately had critics asking director Matthew Vaughn if this meant that “Argylle” was set in the same universe as his previous films “Kingsman: The Secret Service” and “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.” Vaughn’s response? “They both exist in my head.”

But according to Vaughn, there may be more to it than that. In an interview with Polygon, he said, “We want to be despised as well. So we’ve got the Kingsman on the right and I’d say our girl on the left, and then we’ve got an idea for something in the middle as well. And then you’ve got these competing franchises in a galaxy that one day might meet.” This suggests that there may be more crossovers between these spy universes in the future.

What Does This All Mean?

So, what do we make of this twist? Well, it certainly changes our perspective on what we thought was just another spy movie. The fact that “Argylle” exists in the same universe as “Kingsman” raises some interesting questions.

Does this mean that the characters in “Kingsman” are aware of the events happening in “Argylle”? Are they connected in some way? Will we see a crossover between the two franchises in the future? These are all questions that we will have to wait for Vaughn to answer.

But one thing is for sure, this reveal definitely sets up some exciting possibilities for the two franchises. It’s not every day that a director creates multiple universes within their own mind and then brings them together.


“Argylle” may have seemed like just another spy movie at first, but with its ending and post-credit scene, it has become so much more. By connecting it to the “Kingsman” universe, Matthew Vaughn has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for these characters and stories. With a star-studded cast and Vaughn’s signature style and action-packed sequences, “Argylle” is sure to be a hit among fans of espionage films. So buckle up and get ready for a thrill ride when “Argylle” hits theaters in 2024.


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