Will There Be a Season 2 of Becoming Elizabeth [Starz’s Decision]

A favorite among both history buffs and drama lovers is the show “Becoming Elizabeth,” a historical drama series that aired on Starz.

This captivating show, created by Anya Reiss, painted an enthralling picture of the younger years of Queen Elizabeth I.

With its perfect blend of historical accuracy and drama, “Becoming Elizabeth” quickly gained a significant viewer base after its premiere.

The Popularity of Becoming Elizabeth

Becoming Elizabeth was appreciated for its unique perspective into the life of a young Elizabeth, which was significantly different from the common theme of Elizabeth as Gloriana the Virgin Queen.

The show resonated with many viewers because it portrayed Elizabeth as a 14-year-old girl, grappling for power amidst the negativity, particularly surrounding her mother, often derisively called the Great Whore.

Audiences were excited to follow her journey as she navigated through uncertainty towards her self-discovery.

This show was further credited for its well-researched history, great acting, and the ability to provide a fresh perspective in the world of Tudor TV dramas.

With Alicia von Rittburg in the role of Elizabeth, the viewer base was eagerly waiting to see how Elizabeth’s complex relationship with her older sister, Mary, would unfold.

The Anticipation for Season 2

The anticipation for a sequel to this masterfully crafted series was high.

Interested viewers were brimming with enthusiasm for a second season where they could delve deeper into the dynamics that Elizabeth would face following the death of King Edward VI, Lady Jane Grey’s controversial nine-day reign, and Mary Tudor’s fight for her throne.

There was a keen interest in understanding more of Mary and Elizbeth’s unique relationship, a storyline that is rarely explored.

Despite the high anticipation, reports from both Telly Visions and Deadline reveal that the desire for a further exploration into the life of young Elizabeth, through a second season of the show, has been quashed.

Stay tuned for additional developments concerning “Becoming Elizabeth” in the sections to follow.

II. Starz’s decision to cancel Season 2

Just like the turbulent, unpredictable era it aimed to portray, the journey for the period drama “Becoming Elizabeth,” chronicling the younger years of Elizabeth Tudor, was relatively short.

becoming elizabeth season 1 scene
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The series, sadly, will not be blazing any more historical trails as Starz confirmed that there would not be a second season of “Becoming Elizabeth.”

But what led to Starz cutting its ties with the period drama?

Reasons behind the cancellation

Starz’s decision to cancel “Becoming Elizabeth:” hinged largely on the show’s performance. Unfortunately, the viewing figures were relatively low.

According to a report by Deadline, the show averaged only 136,000 viewers and had a disappointing high of 158,000 viewers at its premiere.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Becoming Elizabeth [Starz's Decision]

More unsettling, perhaps, was the series’ consistent drop in ratings week after week, indicating it was losing viewers consistently throughout its first season.

Based on these data, it’s clear: numbers-wise, the drama is not faring well.

When you couple that with the intense competition for viewership in today’s ‘golden age’ of television, it’s not hard to understand why the network decided to pull the plug.

Reactions from fans and critics

The cancellation news has been met with disappointment from the fans and critics.

The series was noted for its fresh and unprecedented take on the life of Elizabeth Tudor, a narrative mostly untouched by other Tudor dramas.

Its promise to uncover more about Mary (Elizabeth’s elder sister) and their tumultuous relationship held great potential, which fans feel is now lost.

Most critics acknowledged the show’s commitment to well-researched history, rich acting, and a genuinely fresh premise.

Simultaneously, it was lauded for an all-female writing team, breaking the traditional norm and bringing a new perspective to the historical narrative of Elizabeth.

Despite the disappointment, those that enjoyed their brief journey to the reign of the young Elizabeth can find solace in Starz’s other period dramas.

The network decided to renew its other two big period dramas of 2022 for second seasons.

But for fans of “Becoming Elizabeth,” it’s a disappointing end to a story that promised so much more.

III. Possibility of finding a new home for the series

It’s not uncommon for a TV series cancelled on its initial network to get revived on another platform.

Such a move, though it may seem like a longshot, is not entirely impossible for Becoming Elizabeth.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Becoming Elizabeth [Starz's Decision]
coutsey: Rotten Tomatoes TV

With its unique focus on a lesser-explored aspect of history, a new home for the series could potentially cater to its dedicated audience who are yearning for more.

Other networks or streaming platforms that could pick up the show

Several platforms might be interested in giving Becoming Elizabeth a second chance, especially given the growing popularity of historical dramas. Here are a few contenders:

  • Netflix: Given the platform’s track record of successfully reviving cancelled shows like “Lucifer” and “Designated Survivor”, and its vast collection of historical dramas including “The Crown” and “Bridgerton”, Netflix could be an ideal home for the show.
  • Amazon Prime: “Ripper Street” and “The Expanse” are examples of series Amazon has saved from cancellation. As the platform has already established a solid base for period dramas through shows like “Vikings”, Becoming Elizabeth fits the bill perfectly.
  • Hulu: While Hulu is more known for rescuing sitcoms, the success of “The Handmaid’s Tale” has shown that it can handle drama effectively. It might consider a historically rich, female-centric drama like Becoming Elizabeth to be a worthy addition to its catalogue.

Challenges and likelihood of a new season

Reviving a cancelled show isn’t an easy task, and it comes with its share of challenges.

One major factor is viewership. Becoming Elizabeth’s disappointing viewership numbers on its original network could be a hurdle to its revival.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Becoming Elizabeth [Starz's Decision]
coutsey: Rotten Tomatoes TV

However, historical dramas often find their audiences over time, and the possibility for growth exists with added exposure on a new platform.

Moreover, securing the original cast and crew would be another challenge.

If networks or platforms see potential in the series story, and if audience demand is apparent, these obstacles can be overcome.

While fans might be hoping for a second season of Becoming Elizabeth, the likelihood appears slim given the series’ performance in its first season.

Still, the world of television is full of surprises, and perhaps Becoming Elizabeth may yet find a way to continue the untold story of young Elizabeth Tudor.

Potential Storylines for Season 2

Exploring Elizabeth’s Reign as Queen

While the first season of Becoming Elizabeth primarily revolved around the political turmoil following the death of King Henry VIII and Elizabeth’s journey to secure the crown, there was so much more about Elizabeth’s reign that could have been explored.

If a second season had been green-lit, it could have showcased Elizabeth’s early reign as Queen of England.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Becoming Elizabeth [Starz's Decision]
coutsey: Rotten Tomatoes TV

Queen Elizabeth I ruled England for 44 years, from 1558 until her death in 1603.

Her reign, termed the ‘Elizabethan Era’, was a period of relative peace, prosperity, and flourishing arts.

Season 2 could have delved into her administration, policies, and the challenges she faced ruling as a woman in a man-dominated world.

Key Events and Historical Figures That Could Have been Covered

The potential for historical narratives would have been abundant in the second season of Becoming Elizabeth. Some key events might include:

  • The Spanish Armada: A significant event in Elizabeth’s reign was the failed invasion of England by the Spanish Armada in 1588, which was an incredible victory for England and resulted in bolstering Elizabeth’s image domestically and internationally.
  • Encounters with Queen Mary, Queen of Scots: Another interesting storyline could be Elizabeth’s tumultuous relationship with her cousin, Queen Mary, Queen of Scots.
  • As for historical figures, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh, and William Shakespeare are just a few who would have made for fascinating characters.

Considering these possibilities, it is indeed disappointing that the series was not renewed for a second season.

However, the cancellation does not completely rule out a potential return.

As things stand now, Starz has decided not to move forward with Season 2 for Becoming Elizabeth.

Ultimately, it seems time, viewer ratings, and possibly a surge in popularity will determine if Becoming Elizabeth gets to hold the scepter once again to entertain and educate its audience.

V. The future of Becoming Elizabeth

The future of the Starz hit series, “Becoming Elizabeth”, seems uncertain as news surfaced that the network has declined to renew the series for a second season.

The decision has left fans worldwide disappointed given the show’s well-received debut season.

Fan campaigns and petitions for Season 2

In response to the cancellation, the show’s passionate fans are rallying for a second season.

It’s not uncommon for viewers to voice their displeasure and start online petitions in an attempt to resuscitate their beloved shows.

Netflix’s “Sense8” and NBC’s “Timeless” are examples where such fan movements have resulted in the series getting a finale or additional seasons.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Becoming Elizabeth [Starz's Decision]
coutsey: Rotten Tomatoes TV

Here are some of the ways fans are fighting for a second season for “Becoming Elizabeth”:

  • Signing Online Petitions: Platforms such as Change.org have petitions running in support of the second season of Becoming Elizabeth.
  • Social Media Protests: Fans are utilizing the power of social media, employing hashtags such as #SaveBecomingElizabeth to trend globally, making their voices heard.
  • Letters and Mails: Fans are reaching out directly to Starz with letters and emails expressing their love for the show and requesting for its continuation.

Impact of fan support on the possibility of renewal

Can these passionate cries from fans impact the odds for a “Becoming Elizabeth” renewal? It’s not impossible.

The decision to renew a series isn’t solely based on viewing figures; it also significantly depends on the reception and support from the viewers.

There have been instances where a series was resuscitated due to intense fan campaigns.

However, it’s noteworthy that renewing a series leads to a fresh set of complexities, from gathering the original cast to aligning the production timelines, and negotiating new contracts.

Hence despite widespread appeal, the decision for revival might still be a tough call for the network.

Nevertheless, fan outcry has always been a crucial pressure point for networks. After all, successful television relies heavily on devoted viewership.

Therefore, while the future of “Becoming Elizabeth” remains unclear, fan support, petitions, and social media trending can undoubtedly play a vital role in swaying the final decision.

VI. Conclusion

As we conclude, it’s noteworthy to talk about the speculation and uncertainty that surrounded the possibility of a second season for “Becoming Elizabeth” and our thoughts on the show’s unfortunate cancellation.

Speculation and uncertainty surrounding Season 2

In spite of the captivating narrative and rich historical context, “Becoming Elizabeth” failed to secure a second season.

The expectations were high, the premise was fresh, and the exploration of the journey of a young Elizabeth was something many fans looked forward to.

Yet, as reported by Telly Visions, the season averaged just 136,000 viewers, hitting the peak with 158,000 viewers in its June 12 premiere.

Unfortunately, the viewership went downwards each subsequent week.

These numbers perhaps didn’t justify a follow-up season given the production costs and intricacies involved in producing in a historical drama.

With the cancellation news, fans are left in the dark, missing out on their chance to see the journey of self-discovery of a young Elizabeth Tudor play out on screen.

Final thoughts on the fate of Becoming Elizabeth

It’s unfortunate that a series with such potential ended prematurely.

Despite the low viewership, “Becoming Elizabeth” had a compelling narrative, a well-rounded cast, and provided a fresh perspective on one of the most significant periods in English history.

Most stories about Elizabeth start with Mary’s death; it’s a pity that we lost a chance to witness the unique and complex relationship between Mary and Elizabeth onscreen.

As fans, we only saw it come alive briefly in the performances of Alicia von Rittburg (Elizabeth) and Romola Garai (Mary), and it would have been fascinating to see how their characters evolved.

As we mourn the cancellation of “Becoming Elizabeth,” we can only hope that another production will take up the mantle in the future and deliver a fresh and compelling narrative around the lives and trials of the Tudor family.

That being said, for those who missed the drama, “Becoming Elizabeth” can still be streamed on Starz to experience the initial narratives of the Tudor history.

As viewers, we can only speculate what might have been a thrilling continuation of an iconic story.


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