The Glory Ending Explained

The global popularity of the Korean drama, The Glory, has been phenomenal, thanks to its compelling blend of conventional K-drama clichés and an unexpected revenge plot. Premiered in 2023, it oscillates between school life and adulthood, chronicling one woman’s quest for revenge.

The narrative is quite labyrinthine. It orbits around Moon Dong-eun (played by Song Hye-kyo), a hapless victim of a savage bullying that ultimately causes her to drop out of school. She vows to retaliate against her tormentors and, after a construction project triggers a series of events, she seizes her chance for vengeance, before things get awry.

II. Significance of the Ending

The final eight episodes of The Glory undertook to answer the million-dollar questions: Would Dong-eun triumph in her revenge scheme? And what would her fate be in the situation’s aftermath?

Dong-eun’s meticulous planning and cunning stratagems were pivotal in her attempts to bring down Park Yeon-jin (played by Lim Ji-yeon), the ringleader of her tormentors who seemed invincible. The complexities of their one-on-one battles resembled the strategic thinking needed in “Go”, a traditional board game central to the plot.

Here’s a quick summary of how the plot unraveled:

  • Yoon So-hee’s murder: Yeon-jin and her cronies victimized So-hee, leading to her tragic demise.
  • The murder of Myeong-o: A plot twist heroically frames Yeon-jin for her henchman’s murder.
  • Role of Gyeong-ran: This character turned out to be the series’ most tragic figure, victimized for far longer, which was revealed as the plot unfolded.

In conclusion, the drama’s ending served a dose of poetic justice. Moon Dong-eun emerged victorious, managing to finally put Yeon-jin behind bars. Around her, unknown to the viewers, was a circle of people who had also been victims of bullying, their suffering less visible but no less real. The show left viewers with a poignant message: every action has consequences, and unchecked cruelty can lead to utter chaos and ruin.

II. Moon Dong-eun’s Revenge

In the gripping series “The Glory” on Netflix, we follow the character Moon Dong-eun, played by Song Hye-kyo, as she plots a masterful revenge scheme against her former classmates.

Background of Moon Dong-eun’s Revenge Plot

Moon Dong-eun is a character deeply scarred from her past – a victim of extreme bullying in her school years. The main instigators of this torment were five classmates, among whom Park Yeon-jin, the ringleader, was the most brutal. Unflinchingly, Dong-eun plots an elaborate revenge plan which ultimately spanned many years and consumes her life.

Targeting Park Yeon-jin and her Cruelty

Park Yeon-jin‘s malicious actions played a significant role in two deaths, further fueling Dong-eun’s resolve for retribution. The bullying led to the death of Yoon So-hee, a fellow victim. Additionally, Yeon-jin was implicated in the murder of Myeong-o, a character who attempted to blackmail Yeon-jin over So-hee’s death.

In an ironic twist, Dong-eun ensures Yeon-jin faces accountability for these actions, even for a crime she didn’t technically commit. The aim: to have Yeon-jin experience the anguish and suffering her cruel actions caused others.

Dong-eun’s comprehensive revenge plan is laid bare, with each of the bullies finally facing their comeuppance. As viewers, we see their perfect facades shattered and their sins brought into the harsh light of justice.

Key Points:

  • Moon Dong-eun, a victim of bullying, plots to revenge on her high school bullies.
  • The main target of her revenge is Park Yeon-jin, the ringleader of the bullies.
  • Dong-eun ensures justice is served, with Yeon-jin facing accountability for her involvement in two deaths.

In the end, while “The Glory Part 2” tied up the main storyline, there also seems to be wiggle room left for a potential second season, particularly around Moon Dong-eun’s life after her elaborate plan of revenge has come to fruition. While certainly, it ended on a climactic note, the future journey of Dong-eun remains something to ponder. It’s a story that encapsulates the desire for justice against the cruel and provides a cathartic conclusion for viewers who have followed along with Dong-eun’s relentless pursuit for revenge.

III. Uncovering the Crimes

The Death of Yoon So-hee and Yeon-jin’s Involvement

Yoon So-hee‘s death is one of the turning points in “The Glory” series. The young girl became a victim of Yeon-jin’s bullying when she wore a matching dress. Unable to withstand the torment, So-hee pushed back and in the ensuing chaos, Yeon-jin set her on fire and pushed her off a roof, leading to her death.

Despite this being a cold case, with So-hee’s body kept in the frosty confines of Seoul Joo General Hospital, Moon Dong-eun leveraged her wit and influence to sway a previously disinterested detective to unfold the evidence that led to the incrimination of Yeon-jin. This marked the beginning of Dong-eun’s revenge, following a series of brilliant, albeit somewhat unrealistic twists typical to K-drama universe.

The Murder of Myeong-o and Manipulation of Gyeong-ran

Another stirring incident of the series is the murder of Myeong-o who tried to blackmail Yeon-jin about the information on So-hee’s death. In desperate need to cover her tracks, Yeon-jin bludgeoned him using a liquor bottle. The actual lethal action, however, was later revealed to be done by Yeon-jin’s assistant, Gyeong-ran.

The character of Gyeong-ran is worth noting due to the tragic circumstances surrounding her. She is shown to have been a victim of long-term abuse by the same group. Dong-eun, using her strategic mind, ensured Yeon-jin took all the blame for Myeong-o’s murder, further entangling her in a web of crimes.

Here is a quick summary of the key characters and their role in the series:

CharacterRole in the Series
Yoon So-heeVictim of Yeon-jin’s bullying, her death initiates Dong-eun’s revenge
Myeong-oAttempts to blackmail Yeon-jin, ends up murdered
Gyeong-ranYeon-jin’s assistant, suffers abuse and gets manipulated into crime

In conclusion, the ending of “The Glory” is a meticulously planned series of events, bringing justice to the oppressed by unveiling the high-school bullies’ crimes.

IV. Yeon-jin’s Downfall

After a series of brilliant twists and turns, Moon Dong-eun successfully brings down Park Yeon-jin, the ringleader of the bullies in The Glory. Here’s what happened to Yeon-jin and her brutal band of bullies:

1. Yoon So-hee’s Murder

Dong-eun sends Myeong-o to get a murder confession out of Yeon-jin for killing her former bully victim, Yoon So-hee. Unfortunately, Myeong-o is viciously murdered by an unknown assailant, but Dong-eun ensures that Yeon-jin takes all the blame.

2. Yeon-jin’s Crimes Exposed

Yeon-jin is stripped of the trappings that had previously kept her insulated from taking accountability for her actions. Her crimes include tormenting So-hee, setting her on fire, and eventually pushing her off the roof. Dong-eun pushes a formerly apathetic detective to incriminate Yeon-jin, leading to her eventual imprisonment.

3. Symbolic Ends for the Other Characters

The other characters in The Glory also face their own symbolic ends as a result of their involvement with Yeon-jin:

  • Myeong-o, who attempted to blackmail Yeon-jin, is bludgeoned to death with a liquor bottle.
  • Lee Sa-ra’s drug use and part in tax evasion are exposed, leading to her imprisonment for stabbing Choi Hye-jeong in the neck.
  • Jeon Jae-jun, who harassed bullying victims and stalked his child with Yeon-jin, is blinded and ultimately pushed into a vat of drying concrete to ensure he won’t follow his daughter to the UK.
  • Yeon-jin’s ex-husband divorces her when he learns of her history and crimes, leaving her isolated and alone.

V. Implications for Season 2

The Glory’s ending leaves room for a second season, as it introduces a new revenge plot initiated by Dong-eun and Joo Yeo-jeong. Dong-eun’s efficient and calculated approach to revenge contrasts with Yeo-jeong’s frantic knife-obsessed failure, opening up possibilities for further exploration in a potential second outing.

While The Glory’s future remains uncertain, fans can only hope for an announcement from the streaming platform. Until then, viewers can stream the series on Netflix and stay tuned for updates.

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V. Dong-eun’s Pursuit of Happiness

Moon Dong-eun’s tale of revenge in the gripping Korean drama, “The Glory,” has enthralled viewers across the globe. Simultaneously, behind this explicit narrative of revenge, lies another story—Dong-eun’s quest for happiness, relief, and recovery from her traumatic past. Her revenge plot, however, didn’t just come from a place of hatred and anger; it was also a desperate attempt to reclaim her life and ultimately find happiness.

The Desire for Happiness amidst Revenge

Dong-eun, played by the talented Song Hye-kyo, had a life that was marred by relentless bullying during her high school years. These dark haunting memories lingered, steering her towards a path of revenge on her bullies. Yet underneath this fury and pursuit of justice, Dong-eun was essentially seeking closure and a chance to rebuild herself, hoping to eventually find joy and inner peace.

Her manifolded plan for vengeance was meticulously executed, traumatizing her adversaries as they had once done to her. However, those expecting a gloating victor were instead presented with a seemingly lightened Dong-eun, finally able to breathe, laugh, and enjoy herself. This paradoxical shift demonstrated that even within her revenge, Dong-eun’s primary objective was not to revel in her tormentors’ downfall, but to free herself from the haunting chains of her past.

The Final Choice on the Rooftop

The series reached its climax on a symbolic rooftop, where Dong-eun could have her final revenge on Park Yeon-jin, the mastermind behind her suffering. But instead of an anticipated violent end, the audience witnesses Dong-eun’s humaneness and desire for a regular life. On this rooftop, she ultimately chooses not to push Yeon-jin but to continue her path on reclaiming her dream and happiness.

Indeed, “The Glory” is as much a chilling tale of revenge as it is a story about a tortured soul seeking solace, validation, and a shot at happiness. Dong-eun’s journey reminds us that even within the most horrendous circumstances, the human spirit’s desire to heal and find joy can still profoundly eclipse the urge for vengeance. In the end, Dong-eun’s story challenges the audience to reconsider the concept of revenge and redemption, transforming a seemingly simple plot into an emotionally intricate and compelling narrative.

Her story leaves one question unanswered, could the possibility of “The Glory” season 2 explore Dong-eun’s pursuit for happiness further? Only time will tell.

VI. The Future and Season 2

The ending of The Glory season 1, the successful K-drama on Netflix, has sparked various speculations about the upcoming season and the direction the plot might take.

Possible Set-up for a Season 2

The Glory wrapped up season 1 by offering satisfactory revenge for Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo). Nevertheless, several loose ends can potentially lead to a compelling narrative in a second season. Joo Yeo-jeong’s (Lee Do-hyun) unfinished revenge serves as a launching pad for Dong-eun’s tutelage, possibly leading to another meticulously executed vengeance.

In the final episode, Yeo-jeong’s mother agrees to assist Dong-Eun in her calculated crusade. They walk into their jobs at the prison where Kang Yeong-cheon (Lee Mu-saeng), the man who murdered Yeo-jeong father, has just transferred. This scenario makes the narrative ripe for the continuation of revenge, setting the stage for a potential season 2.

Speculations and Audience Reactions

Fans have been busy speculating about the future course of the series. While the main consensus seems to be a continuation following Yeo-jeong’s revenge, some fans argue that the narrative is inconsistent with the theme of the first season, and changing the main protagonist might weaken the impact of the story.

Despite these concerns, audience reactions to Season 1 of The Glory have been overwhelmingly positive, fueling anxieties for the next installment of this critically acclaimed K-drama series. The blend of intriguing plot twists and emotionally charged storyline has struck a chord with audiences, leaving many hopeful for a potential second season that carries forward the narrative tapestry woven in the first.

In conclusion, Season 2 of The Glory is highly anticipated. With its tantalizing blend of revenge, drama, and crime, and the unresolved storylines from Season 1, the stage is set for a gripping sequel. Only time will tell if the showrunners will seize this opportunity to explore new narratives and expand on this compelling K-drama story.

VII. Conclusion

As the curtain descends on “The Glory,” spectators are left grappling with a mix of emotions. This unique concoction of satisfaction and melancholy pervading the audience is precisely what a well-executed climax aims for. In this final section, we will dissect the ending of “The Glory,” discuss its implications, and assess its overall impact.

Analysis and Interpretation of the Ending

“The Glory”, according to its ending, delivered a masterstroke by skilfully handling the narrative threads of its complex characters. Park Yeon-jin’s story remains at the forefront throughout, her volatile past and present serving as a nerve-wracking duel against Moon Dong-eun’s relentless quest for revenge.

Two pivotal points define the finale. Primarily, the demise of Yeon-jin’s former target Yoon So-hee, triggered by Yeon-jin’s torment. The second pivotal event is the unexpected death of Myeong-o, attempting to blackmail Yeon-jin with So-hee’s truth. Dong-eun capitalizes on these incidents to orchestrate Yeon-jin’s downfall.

Upon analyzing “The Glory’s” conclusion, the following critical points materialize:

  • The manifestation of Moon Dong-eun’s revenge against Park Yeon-jin, leading to Yeon-jin’s downfall
  • The tragic predicament of Yeon-jin’s assistant, Gyeong-ran, revealing her as the most tormented character

Overall Impact of The Glory and its Ending

“The Glory” left an indelible mark by offering a riveting concoction of K-drama cliches with a unique revenge plot. Its intense narrative, coupled with unexpected twists, presented an exemplary display of suspense and thrill.

The ending, though leaving the viewers on a bitter-sweet note, was a well-conceived conclusion that ties together the story’s many threads. It served as a testament to the narrative’s central theme – justice, served as cold as the Seoul winter.

Series Highlights:

  • Unique and heart-racing revenge plot
  • Stellar performances by the leads and supporting cast
  • Intense and suspense-filled narrative
  • Well-executed conclusion tying the story together

In summation, the ending of “The Glory,” intense yet gratifying, reaffirms the series’ place as a global sensation with its blend of traditional K-drama elements and a creative twist on the revenge plot. The satisfactory ending, balancing redemption and retribution, ensures “The Glory” will reverberate throughout K-drama history.


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