Strays [Dog Movie] Ending Explained

Greetings, movie enthusiasts! Let’s momentarily turn our spotlight to “Strays“, a spicy 2023 comedy film, one that gives a voice to our furry friends – the dogs. Leaving audiences in splits and tears equally, it presents a rather unorthodox narrative.

Overview of the movie Strays and its plot

Our protagonist is Reggie, portrayed by Will Ferrell, an innocent Border terrier with an unfortunate fate. Reggie is unwittingly abandoned by his cold-hearted owner Doug (Will Forte) on the city streets. In a twist of canine destiny, Reggie stumbles upon the street-smart Boston terrier named Bug, voiced seamlessly by Jamie Foxx.

What ensues is an adventurous quest sparked by Reggie’s burning desire for revenge against Doug. As the story unfolds, Reggie’s furry friends step in, offering sincere companionship and love, backing him through a journey featuring fireworks, wild mushroom trips, run-ins with animal control and more. Despite the hilarious escapades, the film ends on an emotional note that leaves audiences with bittersweet satisfaction while teaching valuable lessons on self-worth and friendships.

Reggie’s Journey as a Stray

Reggie’s abandonment and meeting Bug

Reggie, a lovable dog, starts his journey as a stray when his owner, Doug, cruelly abandons him on the desolate city streets. Alone and confused, Reggie meets Bug, a foul-mouthed Boston Terrier, who takes him under his wing and introduces him to their group of canine allies.

Reggie’s realization about being a stray

As Reggie navigates life on the streets, he begins to understand the harsh reality of being a stray. He discovers that he is not the problem in his relationship with Doug and realizes that his owner’s abusive behavior is unacceptable.

Reggie’s mission for revenge against Doug

Driven by a desire for justice, Reggie and his newfound friends embark on a mission to seek revenge against Doug. Their epic quest takes them through various obstacles and challenges, leading to an unforgettable climax where Reggie fulfills his mission and bites off Doug’s prized possessions.

Throughout his journey, Reggie learns the importance of self-worth, friendship, and independence. His story serves as a powerful reminder that sometimes, one must break free from toxic relationships to find true happiness.

Bug’s Backstory and Redemption

Bug’s past with Emma and his bitterness towards humans

Bug, the lovable protagonist in the movie Inside Out, has an intriguing backstory that contributes to his initial bitterness towards humans. The film reveals Bug’s past encounters with humans, particularly his tumultuous relationship with Emma. These experiences shape his negative perception of humans and fuel his cynicism.

Bug’s change of heart and finding a new home with Riley

However, as the story progresses, we witness a heartwarming transformation in Bug. Through his interactions with Riley, the girl whose emotions he helps guide, Bug learns valuable lessons about empathy, understanding, and the complexity of human emotions. This newfound understanding leads to Bug’s change of heart and his ultimate decision to make Riley’s mind his new home.

Bug’s redemption arc serves as a powerful reminder that people can evolve and grow, shedding their past prejudices and finding love and acceptance in unexpected places. The character of Bug beautifully illustrates the transformative power of empathy and the potential for personal growth and change.

Maggie’s Transformation as a Police Dog

Maggie’s escape from her uncaring owner

Maggie, a bloodhound, had a difficult start in life. She was kept in a crate by her former owners, which caused her to become aggressive towards both dogs and people. Thankfully, a dog walker came to her rescue and helped her find a new home where she could thrive.

Maggie’s new role as a police dog and her sniffing skills

Maggie’s new owner, Officer Logan Moore of the University of Virginia’s Police Department, recognized her potential as a police dog. With her incredible sense of smell and tracking abilities, Maggie has become an invaluable asset to the department. Her bloodhound breed gives her the most scent receptors of any dog breed in the world, making her instinctive when it comes to tracking and finding.

Through training, Maggie has honed her skills and is now certified to be a tracking dog. She not only helps find missing people but also plays an important role in community assistance. Maggie’s transformation from a mistreated pup to an indispensible police dog is truly remarkable.

Hunter’s Role as a Therapy Dog

Hunter, the Great Dane in the movie “Strays,” plays a crucial role as a therapy dog. He provides comfort and support to the elderly, bringing joy and companionship to their lives. His gentle nature and calm demeanor make him the perfect candidate for this important job.

Hunter’s relationship with Maggie

Throughout the movie, Hunter develops a special bond with Maggie, an Australian Shepard dog who is an influencer. Their friendship grows as they spend time together, and Hunter develops a crush on Maggie. Their relationship adds another layer of depth to the story, showcasing the importance of friendship and connection.

Hunter’s continued work as a therapy dog without his cone

After their adventurous mission in the movie, Hunter returns to his role as a therapy dog. What sets him apart is that he no longer wears his cone, symbolizing his growth and confidence. Hunter continues his work, bringing happiness and comfort to those who need it, proving that even without certain physical attributes, he can still make a positive impact.

The Confrontation with Doug

Reggie, the lovable stray dog in the movie “Strays,” finally comes face to face with his abusive owner, Doug. In a heartfelt speech, Reggie shares his realization of Doug’s mistreatment and his desire for a fresh start.

Reggie’s confrontation with Doug and his heartfelt speech

In this emotional moment, Reggie expresses his understanding of how Doug constantly tried to abandon him and how he used their game of fetch as a manipulation tactic. Reggie reveals that he now sees through Doug’s mistreatment and realizes that he deserves better.

The group’s intervention to save Reggie from Doug’s wrath

As Reggie shares his speech, his newfound friends – Bug, Maggie, and Hunter – intervene to protect him from Doug’s anger. Together, they stand by Reggie’s side, supporting him in his quest for freedom and a life free from abuse.

This powerful scene showcases the bond between Reggie and his furry companions and highlights the importance of friendship, self-empowerment, and standing up against mistreatment. It is a heartwarming ending to the movie “Strays” that leaves viewers rooting for Reggie and his new chosen family.

The Climactic Revenge on Doug

In the 2023 movie “Strays,” the ending takes a surprising and thrilling turn as Reggie, the main character, finally gets his revenge on his abusive owner Doug. The movie, which is a raunchy comedy with a heart, builds up to this climactic moment that satisfies viewers’ desire to see justice served.

The dogs’ relentless attack on Doug

In the final scenes of the movie, Reggie is joined by his furry friends, Bug, Hunter, and Maggie, as they confront Doug and unleash their fury on him. The scene depicts a relentless attack on Doug, symbolizing the dogs’ resilience and determination to protect their own.

Reggie fulfilling his mission and biting off Doug’s genitals

The most shocking moment of the ending is when Reggie fulfills his mission by biting off Doug’s genitals. This act of revenge not only serves as a satisfying payback for the years of abuse Reggie endured but also represents his newfound independence and self-worth.

Overall, the ending of “Strays” delivers a mix of humor and justice that leaves viewers both entertained and satisfied with Reggie’s ultimate triumph over his abusive owner.

Life After the Revenge

As the credits roll for the R-rated comedy “Strays” in 2023, viewers get a glimpse into the lives of the central characters. Reggie, Bug, Maggie, and Hunter have all undergone significant changes after their wild revenge mission against Doug, Reggie’s cruel owner.

Changes in the lives of Reggie, Bug, Maggie, and Hunter

Hunter, who used to wear a cone, continues to work as a therapy dog. He is now in a relationship with Maggie, receiving unusual approval from Hunters elderly companions. Maggie has left her uncaring owner and joined the police force as a highly skilled sniffer dog.

Bug, who was once a stray, has found a new life with his companion Riley, the missing Girl Scout they helped find. He has found a loving home and even has a new couch lover.

Reggie’s decision to stay a stray and help other strays

Reggie, on the other hand, decides to remain a stray and takes on the role of helping other strays adjust to their new lives. He gives them guidance and reminds them that they are not alone. Despite their changed lifestyles, Reggie and Bug still find time to hang out together, cuss out the mailman, and play with kinder humans.

In this heartwarming ending, Reggie and Bug’s initial struggles lead them to better lives filled with purpose and fulfillment. They have come a long way from their tragic beginnings and now have brighter futures ahead of them.


The ending of the 2023 movie “Strays” takes the audience on a surprising and emotional journey. Reggie, the main character, learns to embrace his worth and find love without his abusive owner, Doug. With the support of his furry friends, Reggie chooses to remain a stray and help other dogs acclimate to their new lives. The movie explores themes of self-worth, chosen family, and the cyclical nature of trauma.

Meaning and themes of the movie’s ending

The ending of “Strays” highlights the importance of self-love and breaking free from toxic relationships. Reggie realizes that he doesn’t need Doug’s validation and discovers his purpose in helping other strays. The film emphasizes the significance of finding chosen family and accepting love from those who genuinely care.

Impact and reception of Strays among viewers

“Strays” has made a lasting impact on viewers with its unexpected blend of raunchy comedy and heartfelt moments. Audiences have praised the film for its unique take on the dog movie genre and its exploration of deeper themes. The ending, in particular, has been widely discussed for its emotional resonance and unpredictable twists. Viewers have commended the performances of the star-studded cast for bringing the characters to life in a memorable way.

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