Prison School Season 2 [Possibility of its Continuation]

Prison School has been causing quite the stir among anime fans. The adventurous and risqué anime based on Akira Hiramoto’s manga has had a successful first season. Yet, its followers have been riddled with suspense about whether there would be a Prison School Season 2.

The uncertain future of Prison School Season 2

Since the initial airing of Prison School in 2015, it has left fans in anticipation for more. Unfortunately, despite the widespread popularity of the anime and the demand for a second season, there isn’t yet any official announcement confirming a follow-up season. The unclear future of Prison School Season 2 is leaving its followers in a state of suspense.

Factors contributing to the possibility of its continuation

Popularity: Despite the uncertainty, various factors still point to its possibility. The prevailing demand from fans, the remaining chapters from the manga awaiting adaptation, all present hope.

Volume of Content: The manga source itself concluded with thirteen volumes, making it arc-rich enough for another season.

High Ratings: In addition, high ratings and reviews have the potential to sway producers into considering a continuation.

Despite the ambiguity, the thriving fanbase is continuously hopeful for Prison School Season 2. Although it remains an uncertainty, eager followers are sure to be watching closely for any announcements that point towards its return.

Which Studio Could Make Prison School: Season 2?

Any ardent fan of anime can’t help but yearn for more episodic content when they come across a piece as captivating as Prison School. And if you are curious about which studio could undertake the production of Prison School: Season 2, then you are in the right place.

The studio behind the anime adaptation

J.C. Staff was the creative mind behind hit series Prison School. This reputable studio, recognized for its aesthetic realism and comic interpretation of scenes, showcased its prowess by transforming the manga series into the vibrant televised series anime fans across the globe fell for.

Licensing and streaming platforms

Moving onto the flipping coin of where to stream it once it’s out. The series was initially licensed by Funimation, a globally-renowned streaming platform. However, it was later claimed by Crunchyroll and Hulu. Therefore, fans may speculate that Prison School: Season 2 will likely be initially available for streaming on these platforms.

It’s worth noting though, this largely depends on the studio that undertakes the production of the new season. Wherever it is, let’s just hope it’s soon because anticipation among anime fans is palpable!

So let’s wait, keenly anticipating another season of laughter, confusion, and thrill, embodied by Prison School. Stay tuned for more updates on Prison School: Season 2!

The Manga Series as an Option

If you are an anime enthusiast, the chances are that you are eagerly waiting for news about Prison School Season 2. Given how the first season ended, with a cliffhanger that leaves you curious and captivated, it’s easy to keep up the hope for a follow-up season. But what happens if season 2 is still a fleeting reality?

One of the options that fans can explore is the Prison School manga series.

Completion of the manga series

As of late 2017, the creator of the manga series Akira Hiramoto finished the Prison School series, providing an exciting storyline that would heave fans off their seats.

The source material is rich and extensive. It provides an appealing storyline that isn’t likely to disappoint any enthusiast who loved the suspense, the relationship development, the humor, and even the dash of seriousness and mystery in the first season. Manga provides the continuity that the anime series left begging.

Exploring the story’s conclusion

In the Prison School manga, fans have the privilege of uncovering the exciting conclusion of the story. The content covers intriguing turn of events that will take you through a blend of emotions, compelling characters, and interesting plot twists. Being open to the manga version can quench your thirst for the Prison School’s storyline while waiting hopefully for the second season release.

What Could Prison School: Season 2 Be About?

The diehard fans of the uproarious anime series, Prison School, have been awaiting news of a second season with bated breath. The first season left viewers intrigued and thirsty for more, but what could one expect from Prison School: Season 2?

Focus on the USC’s imprisonment arc

Should there be a new season, it should indeed delve into the Underground Student Council’s (USC) imprisonment arc. This exciting development can fulfill fans’ wishes by exploring an interesting twist in the anime: what happens when the proverbial tables are turned? The fierce members of the Underground Student Council, who previously ruled with an iron hand, could find themselves behind bars. Translating this manga arc into anime would serve up a dose of justice, balanced with the show’s signature humor.

Introduction of the Official Student Council

The introduction of the Official Student Council will be another massive step forward in the storyline. Debuting into the Prison School narrative, this new council represents an engaging blend of new characters and plotlines for viewers to follow. Their entrance will add a further layer of complexity, intensifying the dynamics of power play among students at the school.

Prison School: Season 2 potentially promises a delectable mix of comedy and suspense that will have fans glued to their screens. As they say in the series, “with freedom comes responsibility,” and that might just be the case for the protagonists in the new season. So, gear up, as their world takes a comedic and tumultuous turn.

Material for Future Adaptations

Season 1 of Prison School took anime lovers by storm with its unique blend of humor, drama, and over-the-top plot. With a cliffhanger ending like the one we got, it’s only natural to yearn for a Season 2.

Extensive source material for further seasons

The thought of a second outing of Prison School is thrilling indeed. Its manga counterpart provides a vast volume of material that can captivate audiences once again. With the manga boasting 28 volumes, totaling over 277 chapters, there is plenty of content to explore and adapt for follow-on seasons.

Delving deeper into the world of Prison School

Upon diving into the nuances of Prison School, we also get to uncover a plethora of storylines lying in wait. The manga takes us much further than where Season 1 left off. Complex narratives, character development, surprise twists… it’s all therein. A successful adaptation would mean that fans can reconnect with their favorite characters, witnessing their evolution and getting swept in the thrilling pace of plotlines.

Prison School Season 2, if it comes to be, has an incredible potential to not just match but surpass its predecessor. With the abundance of source material and the richness of the world of Prison School, anticipation sits heavy. And all we can do is wait and hope for an announcement soon.

Anime Production Process and Collaboration

The role of animation studios and producers

Anime production is a complex process that involves collaboration between various entities, including animation studios and producers. In the case of Prison School season 2, the involvement of these key players is crucial to ensure the continuation of the anime series.

Animation studios are responsible for animating the series based on the source material, which in this case is the manga of the same name. They bring the characters and story to life through their animation techniques and creative vision. Producers, on the other hand, oversee the overall production process and manage the budget and scheduling.

It is important for the anime to maintain the same level of quality and consistency as the first season. This requires collaboration between the animation studio and the producers to ensure that the visuals, storytelling, and character development align with the expectations of the viewers. This collaboration ensures that the essence of the series is maintained throughout its continuation.

C.Staff’s expertise in bringing the first season to life

The first season of Prison School was brought to life by C.Staff, an animation studio known for its expertise in creating visually appealing and engaging anime series. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality animation were evident in the first season of Prison School.

With their experience in working on the first season, C.Staff is well-equipped to continue the anime series in the second season. They understand the characters, the style, and the overall tone of the series, which allows them to maintain consistency in the animation.

Fans of Prison School can be assured that the collaboration between the animation studio, producers, and C.Staff will ensure that the second season lives up to their expectations and continues to captivate audiences with its unique blend of humor and drama.


Prison School fans around the world have been eagerly waiting for news about a second season of the popular anime series. While an official announcement has yet to be made, the anticipation for Prison School Season 2 remains high.

The anticipation for Prison School Season 2

Ever since the first season concluded in 2015, fans have been speculating about the possibility of a second season. The show’s unique blend of comedy, romance, and drama, coupled with its captivating storyline and memorable characters, has garnered a dedicated fan base. Viewers are eager to see what happens next in the dramatic lives of Kiyoshi and his friends at Hachimitsu Academy.

Possibilities for an exciting continuation

If Prison School Season 2 does come to fruition, there are several exciting possibilities for a continuation of the story. Fans are hoping to see further development of the relationships between the characters, more unexpected plot twists, and intense, high-stakes situations. The second season could delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding the underground student council and explore new challenges for the main characters to face.

While fans eagerly await news of Prison School Season 2, they can continue to enjoy the manga series on which the anime is based. The manga has progressed beyond the events covered in the first season, offering readers further insight into the story and the characters’ journeys.

In conclusion, the anticipation for Prison School Season 2 remains strong, and fans are eager to see the continuation of the beloved anime series. Until then, enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the manga series and hold onto the hope of seeing their favorite characters on screen once again.


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