Guns and Gulaabs Ending Explained

Guns & Gulaabs is a Hindi crime thriller black comedy series that follows the story of Tipu, the protagonist, as he navigates a small town in India named Gulaabgunj in the early ’90s.

The town is known for its opium poppy fields and an illegal opium deal gone wrong.

Despite the familiar plot and twists, the series is made enjoyable to watch by the iconic style of the director duo.

The series begins with three school friends discussing their lovers amidst the opium poppy fields of Gulaabgunj.

Gangaram, one of the friends, witnesses a violent murder by a hired hitman named Atmaram.

Gangaram talks to the dying man and receives instructions to deliver a message to his son, Tipu.

However, Tipu wants nothing to do with his father’s violent lifestyle and runs his own mechanic garage in town.

While working at the garage, Tipu develops a crush on Chandralekha, a teacher at the local school.

He dreams of confessing his feelings to her but is scared of rejection.

Meanwhile, the mob boss Ganchi faces setbacks in his gang due to Babu Tiger’s murder.

To make matters worse, a rival drug lord from Sherpur, Nabeed, is responsible for Babu Tiger’s death.

Despite the setbacks, Ganchi agrees to a new deal with a drug cartel from Calcutta, represented by Sukanto.

They need to deliver more opium than their regular harvest, and Ganchi is confident he can arrange it.

At the same time, a new officer from the Narcotics Enforcement Board named Arjun Verma arrives in Gulaabgunj with his family.

Arjun slowly uncovers the corrupt practices of Superintendent of Police Mishra and the involvement of opium smuggling.

Tipu gets involved in the gang war when he accidentally kills two Sherpur goons and seeks protection from the Ganchi gang.

At the same time, Atmaram hunts Tipu to avenge the murders, which leads to Tipu’s best friend Suneel’s death. Determined to seek revenge, Tipu stays in Gulaabgunj and plans his retaliation.

The opium deal becomes a complex web of alliances and double-crossings as the Ganchi gang faces difficulties in delivering the opium.

Jugnu, Ganchi’s flawed son, tries to take charge but fails. Arjun also has his own secrets, including an extramarital affair, and makes a personal deal with Sukanto to seize all the opium in Gulaabgunj.

In the final episodes, the story reaches its climax as Dheeraj, working on Pratap’s orders, kidnaps Jyotsna, Arjun’s daughter.

Arjun changes his plan and drives the truck full of opium to Dheeraj’s hideout to save his daughter.

A series of gunfights ensue, leading to the downfall of various characters.

Ultimately, Arjun decides to hand over the opium stash to the government authorities, no longer fearing Pratap’s threats.

The series ends with Atmaram surviving Tipu’s bullet, suggesting that he is a feared assassin who may continue his violent ways.

In conclusion, Guns & Gulaabs is a thrilling series that explores the complex dynamics of a small town involved in an illegal opium trade.

The ending leaves some questions unanswered, setting the stage for potential future seasons or interpretations.

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