Evil Dead Rise Synopsis

The Evil Dead Rise movie, directed by Lee Cronin, is one of the most highly anticipated horror films of 2023.

As the fifth installment in the Evil Dead franchise, it continues the story of two estranged sisters who must fight to survive and save their family from demonic forces.

The film stars Lily Sullivan and Alyssa Sutherland, and it offers a thrilling and terrifying experience for horror enthusiasts.

Overview of the Evil Dead Rise movie

Evil Dead Rise takes a fresh approach to the franchise by shifting the setting from a remote cabin to a run-down apartment building in downtown Los Angeles.

Here, we meet Jessica, a young woman on vacation with her boyfriend Caleb, and Teresa, Jessica’s cousin.

However, their peaceful retreat turns into a nightmare when Jessica becomes possessed by a malevolent force.

The story then follows the struggle of the two sisters, Ellie and Beth, to protect themselves and their family from the evil that has taken over their lives.

The movie explores themes of family, survival, and the lengths people will go to protect their loved ones, all while facing unimaginable terror.

The characters confront their worst fears and are pushed to their limits as they battle demonic entities known as Deadites.

With intense action sequences, gruesome deaths, and heart-pounding suspense, Evil Dead Rise promises to deliver a terrifying and adrenaline-pumping experience for horror fans.

Explanation of the synopsis

The synopsis of Evil Dead Rise provides a glimpse into the plot and events that unfold throughout the film.

It introduces the main characters, their relationships, and the challenges they face when they encounter the supernatural.

The synopsis outlines key moments such as Jessica’s possession, Ellie’s sacrifice, and the desperate struggle of Beth and her family to survive.

It is important to note that the synopsis does not reveal the entire storyline or major plot twists, as those elements are best experienced while watching the film.

Instead, it serves as a teaser, enticing audiences with a taste of the thrills, horrors, and emotional roller coaster that Evil Dead Rise has to offer.

As the movie continues to generate buzz and anticipation, horror enthusiasts and fans of the Evil Dead franchise eagerly await its release.

Evil Dead Rise promises to be a captivating and chilling addition to the series, showcasing Lee Cronin’s directorial vision and delivering a blood-curdling experience for audiences worldwide.

II. Plot Summary

In “Evil Dead Rise,” the story revolves around two estranged sisters, Beth and Ellie, whose reunion is abruptly interrupted by a cataclysmic event.

An earthquake strikes Los Angeles, unearthing a mysterious book hidden deep within their apartment building.

Little do they know that this discovery will unleash a malevolent force that seeks to prey upon their family.

The film takes a departure from the traditional Evil Dead setting of isolated cabins in the woods, opting instead for an urban landscape in the heart of LA.

This shift in location adds a fresh twist to the franchise, presenting a new and challenging environment for the characters to navigate.

As Beth and Ellie grapple with their strained relationship, they find themselves faced with a supernatural threat that puts their lives in peril.

The book, known as the “Necronomicon Ex-Mortis,” summons creatures known as Deadites that possess and consume the flesh of the living.

The battle for survival ensues as the two sisters and their family must confront the most nightmarish version of their own kin.

The film explores the themes of family dynamics, personal demons, and the lengths one will go to protect their loved ones in the face of unimaginable horror.

Director Lee Cronin, known for his work on the critically acclaimed “The Hole in the Ground,” artfully blends elements of horror and humor, capturing the essence of the Evil Dead franchise while injecting new life into the narrative.

With Cronin’s fresh perspective, “Evil Dead Rise” promises to be a blood-soaked treat for fans of gore and horror.

Overall, the plot of “Evil Dead Rise” introduces audiences to a twisted tale of sibling bonds, demonic possession, and the fight for survival in the midst of unimaginable terror.

With its innovative approach and relentless thrills, this latest installment in the Evil Dead saga is poised to leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

III. Characters

In “Evil Dead Rise,” the horror film directed by Lee Cronin, there are several main characters who play crucial roles in the story.

These characters bring depth and tension to the narrative, making the movie an engaging and terrifying experience.


Beth, portrayed by Lily Sullivan, is a guitar technician and roadie who visits her estranged sister, Ellie, played by Alyssa Sutherland.

Beth’s unexpected arrival sets the stage for the family reunion that is soon interrupted by the presence of flesh-possessing demons.

Throughout the film, Beth’s courage and resilience are put to the test as she fights to protect her family.


Ellie, played by Alyssa Sutherland, is a recently divorced mother of three children.

She is anxiously awaiting the demolition of their rundown Los Angeles apartment building.

However, her hopes for a peaceful reunion with her sister are shattered when she becomes possessed by a demonic force.

Alyssa Sutherland delivers a chilling and intense performance as Ellie, portraying the struggles of a mother fighting against her own inner demons.


Teresa, played by Gabrielle Echols, is a cousin of Ellie and an important character in the film.

She accompanies Ellie and her family on their ill-fated vacation at a lakeside cabin.

However, their peaceful getaway quickly turns into a nightmare when Teresa falls victim to the demonic possession.

Gabrielle Echols brings a sense of vulnerability and determination to the role, adding to the suspense and horror of the story.

Other Characters

The film also features other notable characters, such as Jessica, played by Anna-Maree Thomas, and Caleb, portrayed by Morgan Davies.

Jessica is another cousin of Ellie and Teresa, while Caleb is Jessica’s boyfriend.

Their presence further complicates the situation as they become victims of the flesh-possessing demons.

Overall, the characters in “Evil Dead Rise” play crucial roles in the narrative, adding depth and intensity to the story.

Each actor delivers powerful performances, bringing the horror and terror to life on the screen.

IV. The Naturom Demonto

Explanation of the mysterious book and its dark secrets

One of the key elements in the upcoming movie “Evil Dead Rise” is the Naturom Demonto, or commonly known as the Book of the Dead.

This ancient book is bound in human flesh and holds immense power, serving as an enchiridion of demonology and spirit possession.

It has been a central component of the Evil Dead franchise, unleashing demonic creatures and causing chaos wherever it appears.

The Naturom Demonto has a long and mysterious history.

It was first discovered by Catholic missionaries in the early 1920s, who brought it back to California.

However, its origins remain unknown, and little information is available about its creator and purpose.

Father Littleton, one of the clergymen who studied the book, believed that some of its passages could benefit humanity, despite the objections of the church elders.

Unbeknownst to the priests, the incantations contained within the Naturom Demonto have the power to awaken an entity known as the Kandarian Demon.

This malevolent force possesses individuals and turns them into Deadites, violent and bloodthirsty creatures.

Father Littleton’s recording of the incantation inadvertently unleashed the demon, leading to a harrowing battle against the possessed priests.

Unearthing the ancient blood-curdling secrets and the consequences

In “Evil Dead Rise,” the Naturom Demonto resurfaces after being hidden away for a century.

Danny, one of the main characters, discovers the book and plays the vinyl recordings made by the priests.

Unfortunately, this act unwittingly releases a demonic spirit that possesses Danny’s mother and sets off a chain of events that terrorize the inhabitants of an apartment building.

As the possessed individuals transform into Deadites, chaos ensues, and surviving family members Beth and her niece Kassie must fight for their lives.

The Naturom Demonto’s drawings within the book depict the horrific transformations and brutality that await those who fall under its influence.

The lead Deadite, controlled by a motherly demon, forms a grotesque monster with the limbs and bodies of other Deadites.

Destroying the Naturom Demonto proves to be no easy task.

Beth ultimately dispatches the Marauder, the monstrous form the lead Deadite becomes, by using a chainsaw and a woodchipper.

However, the book and the demonic presence persist, leaving the door open for further terror and future encounters with the Book of the Dead.

The Naturom Demonto remains as one of the most compelling and enigmatic aspects of the Evil Dead franchise, continually introducing new horrors and challenging the resilience of its characters.

As “Evil Dead Rise” ventures into uncharted territory, it promises to delve deeper into the dark secrets and nightmarish consequences of this ancient and malevolent book.

V. Possession and Evil Entities

In the world of Evil Dead Rise, the central focus revolves around the malevolent demons known as Deadites.

These creatures are undead, parasitic demonic spirits that feed on the souls of living beings and possess their bodies.

They were first introduced in the 1981 film “Evil Dead,” although they were not named as Deadites until later installments.

The origin of the Deadites is shrouded in mystery, but it is believed that they are the corrupted souls of wicked humans who were manipulated by dark forces.

Throughout the course of the movie, one of the main characters, Ellie, becomes possessed by a Deadite.

This possession unleashes chaos within Ellie’s residential building, as she mercilessly attacks her own family and neighbors.

The possession is facilitated through various means, such as physical violation, bites, scratches, and exposure to cursed objects.

The Deadite spirit takes control of Ellie’s body, warping her appearance into a grotesque and inhuman form.

Ellie’s possession leads to a series of gruesome and terrifying events.

The Deadite within her manifests in different forms, including a hybrid creature with multiple limbs.

This abomination threatens the lives of the other characters, especially Ellie’s youngest daughter, Kassie.

The protagonist, Beth, must muster her courage and fight against the Deadite to save Kassie and herself.

The battle against the Deadite is intense, with Beth resorting to extraordinary measures to defend herself and her niece.

Chainsaws, one of the franchise’s iconic weapons, are used to dismember and defeat different parts of the Deadite.

Beth’s bravery and determination prove crucial in overcoming the evil that has taken hold.

Despite the overwhelming odds, Beth and Kassie emerge as the sole survivors of the ordeal.

Beth’s journey also becomes a transformative experience, as she overcomes her own fears about parenthood and embraces her role as a protector.

Through her resilience and sacrifices, Beth ultimately triumphs over the Deadite threat.

This thrilling and action-packed ending sets up the potential for further sequels and spin-offs in the Evil Dead universe.

The evil presence of the Deadites continues to loom, with new challenges and terrifying incarnations awaiting future protagonists.

The door has been opened for a new hero to rise and continue the fight against the relentless forces of darkness.

Overall, the possession of Ellie and the existence of the Deadites add a layer of chilling horror and suspense to the plot of Evil Dead Rise.

The battle between good and evil, both external and internal, provides an engaging and thrilling narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats

VI. The Battle for Survival

In Evil Dead Rise, the story intensifies as Beth, played by Lily Sullivan, finds herself in a relentless and harrowing battle to protect her children and confront the evil forces that have taken over the Los Angeles apartment complex.

As the demonic presence continues to spread, Beth must navigate through a series of nightmarish encounters to ensure their survival.

The film showcases the fierce determination of Beth as she fights against the possessed and bloodthirsty demons that have been unleashed by the ancient book, the Naturom Demonto.

The tension rises as Beth’s efforts to defend her family become increasingly desperate, and the stakes are raised with each passing moment.

Throughout the movie, viewers are captivated by the intense and gory battles that take place within the confines of the apartment complex.

The building, already in a state of decay, serves as a haunting backdrop for the terrifying events unfolding.

The atmosphere is filled with suspense, as the characters face relentless threats and struggle to find a way out.

The fight scenes are delivered with visceral intensity, with gallons of blood and gruesome effects adding to the horror.

The movie balances the absurdity and creepiness of the Evil Dead franchise, creating a chilling experience that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Evil Dead Rise marks a departure from the traditional cabin in the woods setting, bringing the horror to an urban environment.

Director Lee Cronin expertly utilizes the confined space of the apartment complex to heighten tension and unleash the terrifying possibilities lurking around every corner.

The ending of the film leaves audiences stunned and craving more.

While we won’t spoil the details, it’s safe to say that Evil Dead Rise delivers a conclusion that underscores the relentless and insidious nature of the evil forces at play.

As fans of the Evil Dead franchise, viewers can expect a thrilling and gory ride in Evil Dead Rise, with Lily Sullivan’s Beth at the center of a truly nightmarish battle for survival.


Evil Dead Rise takes the iconic horror franchise in a new direction while still capturing the essence that fans love.

With its intense gore, creative kills, and relentless action, the movie delivers a bloody and barbaric good time.

The film reinvents the lore of the Deadites with a shocking and gore-heavy ending that also explores themes of parenthood and familial bonds.

Recap of the events and resolution of the story

The story revolves around two sisters, Beth and Ellie, who reunite in a run-down Los Angeles apartment building.

After an earthquake uncovers a mysterious book, the sisters unleash a horde of demonic possessions that threaten their lives.

As the building descends into chaos, Beth must fight against the possessed and protect her young niece, Kassie.

The film reaches its climax as Beth faces off against a multi-headed Deadite, using a chainsaw and other improvised weapons to survive.

In the end, Beth and Kassie are the sole survivors, overcoming their fears and proving their resilience.

Overall thoughts and analysis of Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise delivers on the expectations of a true Evil Dead film, with its signature blend of terror and humor.

Director Lee Cronin infuses the movie with his own gritty style, paying homage to the original while adding fresh elements to the story.

The practical effects and prosthetic makeups contribute to the film’s gruesome and visceral visuals, creating a truly immersive experience for horror fans.

The performances by the relatively unknown cast, particularly Lily Sullivan as Beth and Alyssa Sutherland as Ellie, bring depth and emotion to their roles.

It’s worth mentioning that Evil Dead Rise builds upon the themes of parenthood, exploring how the characters’ fears and sacrifices drive their actions.

Beth’s journey from uncertainty to becoming a fierce protector reflects the film’s deeper message about the strength and resilience of family bonds.

Overall, Evil Dead Rise is a thrilling addition to the franchise that successfully reinvents the lore while staying true to its roots.

Fans of the series will appreciate the relentless gore, inventive kills, and the incorporation of new characters and settings.

It’s a must-watch for horror enthusiasts seeking a thrilling and visceral experience.

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