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Dream Girl 2 is an upcoming Indian-language film that is highly anticipated by fans of the original movie, Dream Girl, released in 2019. The first installment of the film was a huge success, and now audiences are eagerly awaiting the sequel.

Overview of Dream Girl 2 and its sequel status

Dream Girl 2 follows the story of Karamveer, played by Ayushmann Khurrana, a small-town boy from Mathura struggling to pay off his father’s debts. In order to make ends meet, Karamveer poses as Pooja, a female character that he played in the call center where he works. However, this leads to wild chaos and a comedy of errors as Karamveer tries to juggle his double life.

The film is directed by Raaj Shaandilyaa and produced by Ektaa R Kapoor. It features an ensemble cast including Ananya Panday, Manjot Singh, Rajpal Yadav, Paresh Rawal, Asrani, Manoj Joshi, Seema Pahwa, and Vijay Raaz. The trailer promises a laugh riot with hilarious situations and fantastic performances from the cast members.

The first track of the film, titled “Dil Ka Telephone 2.0,” has been released and has already become a party anthem for fans. Sung by Meet Bros, Jonita Gandhi, and Jubin Nautiyal, the song has received an overwhelming response from listeners.

Dream Girl 2 is scheduled to be released theatrically on August 25th and is expected to repeat the success of its predecessor. Fans can’t wait to see Ayushmann Khurrana back in action as Pooja and experience another round of laughter and entertainment.

This sequel aims to capture the hearts of audiences once again with its unique storyline and exceptional performances. Stay tuned for more updates on Dream Girl 2 and get ready to be entertained by this highly anticipated film.

Plot Overview

Dream Girl 2 is an upcoming Indian-language film directed by and produced by under. It is a sequel to the 2019 film and follows the journey of a small-town boy named Karam, played by Ayushmann Khurrana. Set in Mathura, Karam is struggling to live a serious life while being burdened with his father’s debt. Despite his challenges, Karam falls in love with Pari, but her father has conditions for their marriage.

To make ends meet and fulfill Pari’s father’s demands, Karam poses as Pooja, which leads to wild chaos and a comedy of errors. The film delves into the hilarious moments and misunderstandings that arise from this identity swap.

Summary of the story and characters in Dream Girl 2


Dream Girl 2 features an ensemble cast that includes Ayushmann Khurrana, Ananya Panday, Paresh Rawal, Annu Kapoor, Rajpal Yadav, Vijay Raaz, Asrani, Abhishek Banerjee, and Manjot Singh.

Karam (Ayushmann Khurrana) is the protagonist who is struggling to pay off his father’s debt. He falls in love with Pari (Ananya Panday), but her father imposes conditions on their relationship. To navigate these challenges, Karam takes on the identity of Pooja, leading to unexpected consequences.

Paresh Rawal and Asrani reunite after 10 years since their last collaboration on Himmatwala (2013) and bring their comedic talent to the film.

Dream Girl 2 promises to be a comical rollercoaster ride as it explores themes of love, identity, and the lengths one will go to fulfill their desires. With a talented cast and an entertaining storyline, audiences can expect laughs and entertainment when the film hits theaters on 25 August 2023.

Cast and Crew

Information about the actors, director, and other key members involved in the film

Dream Girl 2 is an upcoming Bollywood comedy film that has got everyone excited. Directed by Raaj Shaandilyaa, who also helmed the first installment of Dream Girl, the film promises to be a laughter riot once again. The talented Ayushmann Khurrana will be reprising his role as Pooja/Karam, showcasing his impeccable comedic timing and charm.

Joining Ayushmann in this much-awaited sequel is the vivacious Ananya Panday, who will be playing the female lead. With her infectious energy and acting prowess, Ananya is sure to bring an added spark to the film. The ensemble cast also includes veteran actors like Annu Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Vijay Raaz, Seema Pahwa, Manoj Joshi, and Rajpal Yadav, who will undoubtedly add their own brand of humor to the story.

The film is being produced by Balaji Motion Pictures, a renowned production house in the Hindi cinema industry. Ekta Kapoor’s association with the project has raised expectations even higher. The previous installment of Dream Girl was a huge success, grossing over 200 crore globally on a modest budget of 28 crores. With Dream Girl 2, the audience can expect even more laughter and entertainment.

The shooting for Dream Girl 2 is scheduled to commence in mid-2022. Despite facing some initial delays due to unpredictable rains in North India, the team behind the film is determined to deliver a perfect cinematic experience. They are sparing no effort to ensure that the VFX work is seamless and convincing as Ayushmann plays dual roles in the film.

As the excitement builds for Dream Girl 2, fans eagerly await the moment they can witness Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday’s electrifying on-screen chemistry. With the talented cast and crew, this sequel promises to be a delightful continuation of the Dream Girl saga, filled with laughter, entertainment, and a dash of cinematic brilliance.

Nushrratt Bharuccha’s absence in Dream Girl 2

Dream Girl 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the 2019 film Dream Girl, is set to release soon. However, fans have noticed the absence of actress Nushrratt Bharuccha in the sequel. In a recent interview, Nushrratt opened up about her feelings towards not being cast in the film and shared her thoughts on the sequel.

Discussion on Nushrratt Bharuccha not being cast in the sequel

Nushrratt expressed her disappointment at not being a part of Dream Girl 2. She mentioned that it was disheartening to not be a part of their second journey. The actress also spoke highly of her co-star Ayushmann Khurrana, stating that he was the only person who checked on her when she fell sick during the shooting of the first film.

Nushrratt acknowledged the special connection she had with Dream Girl and praised director Raaj Shaandilyaa, with whom she also worked in another film. Despite her absence in the sequel, she wished the best for the film and expressed her excitement to watch it.

Dream Girl 2 stars Ananya Panday alongside Ayushmann Khurrana and is directed by Raaj Shaandilyaa. The first installment of Dream Girl was a huge success at the box office, and fans are eagerly awaiting the release of its sequel.

In addition to Dream Girl 2, Nushrratt will be seen in other upcoming projects such as Chatrapathi and Chhorii 2. She continues to captivate audiences with her versatile acting skills and undeniable talent.

Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday

The much-anticipated sequel to the hit film “Dream Girl” is all set to release and fans are excited to see Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday sharing the screen for the first time. In this article, we will take a closer look at the details about their roles in “Dream Girl 2.”

Details about Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday’s roles in Dream Girl 2

Ayushmann Khurrana, known for his versatility and impeccable acting skills, will be reprising his role as Pooja in “Dream Girl 2.” Pooja is a character known for her unique ability to impersonate female voices, and Ayushmann’s portrayal of her garnered immense praise in the first film.

On the other hand, Ananya Panday, who has showcased her talent in previous films, will be playing a prominent role in “Dream Girl 2.” Although specific details about her character have been kept under wraps, it is expected that she will bring her own charm and charisma to the story.

The chemistry between Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday is said to be electrifying, and their on-screen presence is sure to captivate audiences once again. With their outstanding performances and the interesting storyline, “Dream Girl 2” promises to be an entertaining ride filled with laughter, drama, and emotions.

Directed by Raj Shaandilyaa and produced by Ektaa R Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor, “Dream Girl 2” is set to hit theaters on August 25. Fans cannot wait to witness the magic these talented actors will create on the silver screen.

Stay tuned for more updates as we countdown to the release of “Dream Girl 2” and get ready to experience another unforgettable cinematic journey with Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday.

Release Date and Censor Issues

The much-anticipated sequel of Ayushmann Khurrana’s hit film “Dream Girl” has fans eagerly waiting for its release. However, the release date of “Dream Girl 2” has been postponed to August 25, 2023. The decision to push back the release date is reportedly due to extensive visual effects (VFX) work required for the film.

In an Instagram post, Ayushmann Khurrana shared the news with his followers. Alongside a text post, he wrote, “Mere priya Aashiqon chaar saal baad aapke Dil Ka Telephone phir se ring ring hoga. Ab iske liye taiyaari bhi toh shaandaar dhamakedaar aur smoochiebhari honi chahiye na? Toh karo thoda aur intezaar And keep sending lots of pyaar. Ab #7 Ko Saath Mein nahi Pooja ki Kiss on August Pachees. Dream Girl 2 releasing in theatres on 25th August 2023 – Aapki Pyari Pooja.”

The delay in the release date of “Dream Girl 2″ emphasizes the importance the filmmakers are placing on perfecting the VFX work for the portrayal of Ayushmann Khurrana’s character, Pooja. They want to ensure that viewers have the best possible experience when they watch the movie.

Directed by Raaj Shaandilya and produced by Ektaa R Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor under the banner of Balaji Motion Pictures, “Dream Girl 2” follows the journey of Karam, a small-town boy trying to live a serious life in Mathura. The film also stars Ananya Panday as Pari, Paresh Rawal, Rajpal Yadav, Asrani, Vijay Raaz, Annu Kapoor, Seema Pahwa, Manoj Joshi, Abhishek Banerjee, and Manjot Singh.

While fans may have to wait a little longer for the release of “Dream Girl 2,” the delay is a testament to the dedication of the filmmakers in delivering a high-quality product. As fans eagerly anticipate the film’s release, they can expect a visually stunning and entertaining experience when it finally hits theaters on August 25, 2023.

Comparisons with Dream Girl 1

The highly anticipated sequel to Dream Girl, aptly titled Dream Girl 2, is already generating a buzz among fans of the original film. Starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday in lead roles, this comedy flick is expected to bring the same lighthearted entertainment that made its predecessor a huge success.

Analyzing the similarities and differences between the original film and its sequel

While Dream Girl was a groundbreaking film that explored themes of identity and gender roles through the character of Karam, who portrayed Pooja through a female voice impersonation, Dream Girl 2 takes things to the next level. Ayushmann Khurrana will once again don the role of Karam but this time, he will crossdress as Pooja in order to make enough money to marry his love interest, played by Ananya Panday.

In terms of tone and genre, Dream Girl 2 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor as a slapstick comedy that aims to cater to all kinds of audiences. Director Raaj Shaandilyaa has ensured that the movie maintains the same mass appeal that made Dream Girl a box office hit.

However, there are also some notable differences between the two films. Dream Girl 2 boasts a bigger production budget and an ensemble cast that includes Paresh Rawal, Seema Pawar, Asrani, and Rajpal Yadav. With higher stakes and bigger actors, the sequel promises an even more entertaining experience for viewers.

Fans can expect a visual treat as the movie goes beyond just auditory elements to showcase Pooja in her full feminine form. This new dimension adds an exciting twist to the story and elevates Dream Girl 2 to new heights.

In conclusion, while Dream Girl 2 maintains the same comedic charm that made its predecessor a hit, it brings fresh elements and larger-than-life characters to the table. Fans can look forward to another laughter-filled cinematic experience when Dream Girl 2 hits the theaters on August 25, 2023.

Expectations and Reception

The highly anticipated sequel to the 2019 hit film, Dream Girl, is set to release on August 25th, and fans are buzzing with excitement. Ayushmann Khurrana, who played the lead role in the original film, is reprising his character of Karam/Pooja in Dream Girl 2.

Predictions and Expectations

Fans of the first film have high expectations for Dream Girl 2. They hope to see the same level of entertainment and comedy that made the original so popular. The trailer for the sequel has received a positive response, with fans finding it to be a laugh riot. The quirky and light-hearted tone seems to have struck a chord with viewers.

Early Reactions and Reviews

Although the film has not been released yet, early reactions from those who have seen the trailer are promising. People are excited and looking forward to enjoying a unique and entertaining cinematic experience. Ayushmann Khurrana’s portrayal of Pooja is being praised, with many finding his performance funny and enjoyable.

With Dream Girl being a blockbuster success, there is a lot of pressure on Dream Girl 2 to live up to its predecessor. However, based on early reactions and expectations, it seems that fans are confident that the sequel will deliver on its promise of providing an entertaining and laughter-filled experience.

In conclusion, Dream Girl 2 is highly anticipated by fans of the original film. The predictions and early reactions suggest that the sequel will meet or exceed expectations, providing viewers with a fun-filled comedy. Fans can look forward to enjoying Ayushmann Khurrana’s performance as Pooja once again when the film releases on August 25th.


Dream Girl 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the 2019 hit film, is set to make waves in the film industry. With an ensemble cast and a promising storyline, this upcoming Indian-language film is expected to captivate audiences and deliver a massy entertainment experience.

Directed by Raaj Shaandilyaa and produced by Ektaa R Kapoors Balaji Motion Pictures, Dream Girl 2 follows the journey of Karamveer, a small-town boy from Mathura who takes on the persona of Pooja to make ends meet and win the heart of his love interest, Pari.

Building on the success of its predecessor, Dream Girl 2 promises to take things to the next level with higher stakes, a bigger star cast, and improved production value. Ayushmann Khurrana, known for his versatile performances, reprises his role as Karamveer/Pooja and is joined by talented actors like Ananya Panday, Paresh Rawal, Annu Kapoor, and Rajpal Yadav.

The film’s music, composed by Meet Bros Anjjan and background score by Sanjoy Chowdhury, adds another layer of entertainment to the narrative. The songs “Dil Ka Telephone 2.0” and “Naach” have already created buzz among fans eagerly awaiting the release of Dream Girl 2.

With its unique storyline and engaging characters, Dream Girl 2 has the potential to leave a lasting impact on the film industry. As audiences eagerly await its theatrical release on August 25, it is evident that this slapstick comedy will bring laughter and entertainment to both multiplexes and single screen cinemas.

In conclusion, Dream Girl 2 is poised to be a crowd-pleaser that showcases Ayushmann Khurrana’s talent as an actor and adds another successful chapter to his filmography. With its larger-than-life experience and mass appeal, this film is a must-watch for fans of Indian cinema.


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