20th Century Girl Ending Explained

The Korean Netflix film 20th Century Girl has not only charmed the audiences with its nostalgic throwback to the ’90s, but has also sparked discussions around its bittersweet ending.

The Story of 20th Century Girl

20th Century Girl tells the story of Na Bo Ra’s (Kim Yoo Jung) first love during her fateful year of 1999. The narrative meanders through her complex relationships as she plays cupid to her best friend Yoon Seo – only to find herself falling for her friend’s romantic interest unknowingly.

The Significance of First Love

First love is a potent theme in the film. The characters grapple with innocent attraction, intense feelings, and heartbreaking decisions. This theme lends an ethereal, bittersweet flavor to Bo Ra’s story.

CharacterEmotional Arc
Na Bo RaDiscovers love, faces unrequited love, learns about the pain of letting go
Yoon SeoFaces the fear of losing a friend, steps aside for Bo Ra’s happiness
Woon-hoFalls for Bo Ra, moves away, keeps unresolved feelings

The story beautifully encapsulates the roller coaster of emotions associated with Bo-Ra’s first love, a narrative that resonates with the experiences of many viewers.

The film leaves a deep impression not only due to its emotionally charged narrative but also its poignant ending. In the Next Blog Section: 20th Century Girl Ending Explained, we’ll delve deep into the film’s heart-wrenching finale and explore what it actually signifies for football fans. Stay tuned!

II. Bo-Ra and Woon-Ho’s Relationship

20th Century Girl had captivated us all through a unique narrative that explored the concept of young love with a twist of 90’s nostalgia. The relationship between Bo-Ra and Woon-Ho had driven viewers on and off the edge of their seats. And now it’s time to finally reveal what unfolded.

Building a Friendship and Romance

Bo-Ra and Woon-Ho: Their relationship had begun as a strategic move by Bo-Ra to get close to Hyun-Jin, the object of Yeon-doo’s affection. However, things took an unexpected turn when Bo-Ra found herself captivated by Woon-Ho. The two developed a close bond, their friendship blossoming into romance unbeknownst to them. The twist occurs when Woon-Ho reciprocates Bo-Ra’s feelings, leading her to share this exhilarating news with Yeon-Doo in a letter.

The Twist of Hyun-Jin’s Feelings

The twist: However, things come to a grinding halt when we find out that Hyun-Jin had shown interest in Bo-Ra. He had made advances, but Bo-Ra, in an act of preserving Yeon-Doo’s feelings, rejects him. This plot twist stirred the pot, adding drama and tension to the unfolding narrative. The aftermath of this twist, particularly its effect on Bo-Ra and Woon-Ho’s relationship, remains a pivotal point of interest in ’20th Century Girl.’

CharacterInitial feelingsDeveloped feelings
Bo-RaWoon-Ho (for strategy)Woon-Ho (genuine)
Woon-HoBo-Ra (unknown)Bo-Ra (genuine)
Hyun-JinBo-Ra (rejection)Bo-Ra (genuine)

In summary, ’20th Century Girl’ takes viewers on a roller coaster ride of emotions, relationships painted with shades of friendship, strategy, romance, and high-school drama. The detailed exploration of Bo-Ra and Woon-Ho’s relationship, paired with Hyun-Jin’s unexpected feelings for Bo-Ra, adds depth and charm to this captivating Korean film.

III. Yeon-Doo’s Return and Heartbreak

As the winding tale of 20th Century Girl unfolds, a significant turning point is reached when Yeon-Doo makes her return to Cheongju following her heart surgery. Her homecoming, while most-anticipated, is fraught with tension given the unspoken emotions lingering in the air.

Revelation of True Feelings

Bo-ra, who struggled to convey her budding feelings for Woon-ho, now faces a dilemma when Yeon-Doo, unaware of the romantic twist, innocently reveals her crush on Woon-ho.

Yeon-Doo’s confession spells heartbreak and highlights a bitter-sweet irony. Yeon-Doo, who was initially in love with Hyun-jin, has fallen for Woon-ho while she was away. And her best friend Bo-ra, who used Woon-ho as a means to get closer to Hyun-jin, ended up falling for Woon-ho too.

The friendship shared between Bo-ra and Yeon-Doo is now tested by their shared affection for Woon-ho. They both are in love with the same person. However, Yeon-Doo, still oblivious to Bo-ra’s feelings, is unaware of this love triangle.

Bo-Ra’s Phone Call to Woon-ho

In an emotionally charged scene, Bo-ra takes the tough decision of making a phone call to Woon-ho. With a shaky heart, she expresses her feelings for him over the phone. This phone call serves to heighten the drama, adding another layer to the intricate web of relationships.

Despite the heartbreak and the turbulence brought about by the intertwining feelings, the bond between Bo-ra and Yeon-Doo stands strong, offering a testament to their resilience and the timeless charm of their friendship.

IV. Heartbreaking Goodbye

There comes a point in every heartbreaking romance where a goodbye looms, and in “20th Century Girl,” this moment is as a tear-filled train station farewell.

Bo-Ra and Yeon-Doo’s Race to the Train Station

In the poignant climax of “20th Century Girl,” Yeon-Doo plays a critical role in the story. Realizing that her friend Bo-Ra indeed has feelings for Woon-Ho, she teams up with Hyun-Jin. With the imminent departure of Woon-Ho, every second counts. Together, they devise a plan, one last-ditch effort to give Bo-Ra and Woon-Ho the chance they deserve to express their feelings.

Despite the underlying sadness of the moment, the urgency and energy of the girls’ mission infuse the scene with a shot of adrenaline. Symbolically, the race to the train station embodies their frantic, desperate desire to seize the dwindling opportunities for love and happiness.

Confession of True Feelings

The heart of this climactic sequence unfolds at the train station. After an emotional rush to catch Woon-Ho before he leaves, Bo-Ra manages to unload her feelings onto him. This confession scene is a poignant moment that defines their relationship. Woon-Ho reciprocates her feelings, adding one crucial promise – his commitment to return.

Their heartfelt conversation is marked by tenderness and a sense of hope that underlines their young, earnest love. The promise to keep in touch sustains their connection even in the face of impending separation. Told through emails linking two separate worlds, the reality of their relationship unfurls with a bitter-sweet feel.

However, gradually, as the exchanges decrease and Woon-Ho eventually stops responding, their passionate love story dissipates into silence and uncertainty. Years later, the closure arrives wrapped in tragic news: Woon-Ho had passed away. In this moment, the true depth of the heartbreak at the core of “20th Century Girl” crystalizes, bringing the narrative to an end.

Although heartrending, “20th Century Girl” is a powerful testament to the enduring, paramount quality of true love – even amidst unfulfilled promises.

IV. The Controversial Ending

The ending of the movie “20th Century Girl” has sparked a lot of discussion among film enthusiasts. Many have questioned the dynamics of the relationship between Na Bo-ra and Poong Woon-ho, questioning what truly happened to them.

V. Years of Silence and Loss

The Silence: The years of silence between Bo-ra and Woon-ho after he leaves for New Zealand are poignant. Bo-ra continually tried to maintain contact, but her attempts were greeted by silence after the entrance exams. This silence left her bewildered, and although she never gave up on Woon-ho and faithfully kept her promise to wait for him, this became tiresome. One day she tried to contact him, only to find out that his number was no longer in service.

The Loss: Bo-ra finds a parcel at her old house, with an old film and tickets for an exhibition. The exhibition showcases a photograph of the plum tree with a bench underneath, where Woon-ho’s old house used to be. A heartrending message is placed next to it – “The Eternal Spring Remembering Poong Woon-ho (1983-2001).” That’s when it hits her – Woon-ho hadn’t cut her off intentionally; he had passed away that year. Woon-ho’s younger brother confirms this, thanks Bo-ra for her steadfast love for his brother, and gives her one of Woon-ho’s old tapes.

The Emotional Conclusion: Viewing this tape, Bo-ra relives the precious memories she shared with Woon-ho. The tape ends with a video of Woon-ho wishing for them to grow old together in the 21st century. It broke Bo-ra’s heart to see this, finally allowing her to let go and remember Woon-ho as her first love.

In conclusion, although “20th Century Girl” does not provide a typical happy ending, it delivers a poignant narrative about first love, loss, and moving on

V. Years of Silence and Loss

The bond between Na Bo-ra and Poong Woon-ho, as depicted in the movie, ’20th Century Girl’, was distinctly poignant and heartfelt. Yet, their connection was met with an unexpected narrative turn.

Continued Emails and Unanswered Messages

Na Bo-ra: Faced with Roong Woon-ho’s sudden departure, Bo-ra clings to their digital connection, leaving her thoughts and hopes in countless emails aimed at bridging the growing distance. Each message sent becomes a snapshot of her feelings, a testament to the unwavering bond she believes in. Yet, replies from Woon-ho gradually dwindle and ultimately come to an abrupt halt, leaving her affections unanswered and her heart in silent despair.

The Tragic Reason Behind Woon-ho’s Silence

The following years bring a shocking revelation. The underlying reason for Woon-ho’s silence is not indifference but a tragic fate. Bo-ra learns, through an encounter with Woon-ho’s younger brother, that Woon-ho passed away, leaving her and their story in a state of suspended disbelief and profound loss.

One cannot help but feel the piercing sting of their unfinished love story. Yet, the narrative of ’20th Century Girl’ draws a heart-rending picture of first love, loss, and moving forward even in the face of tragic endings. Even though Bo-ra and Woon-ho’s story ends on a melancholic note, the theme of their enduring bond offers a poignant reflection on the significance of first love in one’s life.

Overall: ’20th Century Girl’ encapsulates the bitter-sweet symphony of first-love, the enthralling highs and heartbreaking lows that are the staples of any such narrative. Offering a sincere depiction of love and longing, it leaves the audience with a lingering sense of what might have been, while also presenting a pathway for healing and hope in the aftermath of loss.

VII. The Message of the Film

Life holds no promises and the tragic love story portrayed in “20th Century Girl“” underlines this fact in an emotional way. Even in their heartfelt nostalgia, it allows us to draw meaningful life-lessons and demonstrates the ethos of living life to the fullest.

Lessons about Friendship and Love

Friendship and love are beautiful emotions that this film explores in depth. It takes the viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride, engaging them in the trials and tribulations of friendship and the bitter-sweet feeling of first love. The relationships depicted between the characters show how friendships can sometimes lead to love, and how love can lead to heartbreak. Yet, the journey is worthwhile, teaching the characters and the audience alike about the worthiness of being genuine, expressing feelings freely and cherishing every moment.

Living Life to the Fullest

Coming to the aspect of “living life to the fullest“, the film’s poignant ending is a sobering reminder. It underscores the impermanence of life and emphasizes appreciating and savoring each moment. In their youthful excitement and rush, the characters make mistakes, harbor secrets, and juggle hopes and dreams. They have their share of joys and disappointments, and through all of it, they learn to appreciate the beauty of life. Even in their sadness, they learn a lesson about valuing every fleeting moment.

In essence, “20th Century Girl” is much more than just a nostalgic throwback to the past. It carries a profound message about human relationships and the beauty of life itself, prompting viewers to reflect on their personal experiences and perhaps, learn a thing or two about living life fully.

VIII. Audience Reactions and Opinions

With the curtain falling on the K-Drama “20th Century Girl,” the ending left many spectators with a heavy heart. The emotionally charged climax showed how love, dreams, and losing someone can leave an everlasting imprint on one’s heart.

Impact of the Sad Ending

Many fans of the drama were left teary-eyed after watching the tragic end of Woon Ho, a character that developed deep attachments among the viewers. The inexplicable silence of Woon Ho through emails led to many theories and discussions among fans.

Here’s a snapshot of fans’ reactions:

  • A sense of melancholy and disbelief shrouded when the truth about Woon Ho’s demise got unraveled.
  • Many could not get over the poignant ending, expressing it was truly an emotional roller coaster.
  • Some expressed their bitterness towards such an ending, especially after developing a deep affection for Bo Ra and Woon Ho’s blooming relationship.

Reflecting on Personal Regrets and Emotions

The intense ending mirrored the raw and unstated regrets of life. It reflected the fragile nature of life and how it can bewilder us with its unpredictable twists and turns.

Check some unforgettable moments below:

SceneEmotional Impact
Woon Ho’s Silent DisappearanceIntroduced an element of mystery and suspense
Last Goodbye Scene at the Train StationEmotionally charged which struck a personal chord with the audience
Woon Ho’s truth revealed by his brotherEngulfed viewers into a state of shock and sorrow

In conclusion, no matter how bittersweet the ending was, “20th Century Girl” managed to resonate with viewers, leaving them emotional and thought-provoking discussions long after it ended. The emotional depth intelligently crafted in the climax will keep this drama alive in the viewers’ hearts for a long time. 

IX. Conclusion

In the year 2023, moviegoers have become enthralled with varying types of narratives, from pulsating action thrillers to heart-rending love tales. One such project that has captured audiences’ heartstrings is the Netflix film “20th Century Girl”. In this final blog section, we will delve into the emotional journey of the film and comprehend the message of truth and self-expression it aims to elucidate.

The Emotional Journey of 20th Century Girl

“20th Century Girl”: is an emotive portrayal of teenage friendships, heartbreaking love, and the passage of time. The tale centers on Na Bo-ra, a high school student navigating love and friendship in the year 1999. Over time, Bo-ra keeps in touch with her first love, Poong Woon-ho, through emails, fashioning a bond that defies distance and time. However, their relationship takes a somber turn when Woon-ho unceremoniously stops responding. This cease in communication leaves Bo-ra bewildered and heartbroken, a sentiment that carries on well into her adulthood.

The Message of Truth and Self-Expression

The subtlety yet impact of “20th Century Girl”: can be attributed to its truthful portrayal of first love and heartbreak. Bo-ra’s story reveals how moments of joy, sadness, discovery, and loss shaped her life and identity. This profound story is a testament to the enduring impact of our personal experiences and encounters, and how they can mold our character and direction in life. Not only does the story encourage self-expression, but it also underscores the value of cherishing every moment, regardless of whether it brings us joy or sorrow.

As the film draws to its conclusion, audiences are given a bitter-sweet resolution filled with emotions and nostalgia. “20th Century Girl” encapsulates adolescence and the bittersweet memories of first love that, even with the relentless passage of time, continue to touch our hearts and shape our lives.


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